Oh! We’ve said it before and yes Time is in fact the child of Space simply because it does not exist and what mankind calls time is just something to measure value or not, as my Mum used to bash the mallet, (used to tap the beer barrels), on the counter shouting out, ‘Time Gentlemen please!’

We have one day short every fourth year and even the scientists have to make adjustments to account for the changes in revolutions round the sun that are never the same each year. Speaking of which were you aware that nothing in the Universe is static both the speed of light and Big ‘G’ or gravity, the so called constants, are constantly changing although we are told otherwise by those who would do anything to preserve the status quo. Average is a dirty word!

The time of our birth is recorded, in the beginning chapter of our medical histories, according to the clock on the wall or the watch that hangs on the midwife’s uniform. But in truth the soul enters the body of a child at the moment when it is able to sustain life which is not determined by any medical practitioner, and at that same moment the consciousness which is synonymous with mind and spirit begins this life’s journey.

It has been proposed that we are awarded Days of Grace, it would seem almost for good behaviour by some, but the truth is that the Grace from the moment of the soul’s entrance is available for us all continuously.

But here’s the thing:
The Days of Rage and the Days of Grace are ours!
We create the Days of Rage and we can accept or reject the Days of Grace.
We bring the Days of Rage upon us simply by not being able to live together as tempers flare at any given moment in time, according to our petty whims and foibles. Some even lie awake waiting for their neighbour to sleep so they can be robbed more easily!

But in general not being able to agree: like not being able to agree on which flags to fly and when, what prayers to say and when, and that’s in the council chamber – not the church, or what days to march and make a noise to proclaim superiority or dominance. Tied as always of course to our ideas of separate religions, but both worshipping the same God they would profess, though from the look of things how could they pray with their minds full of hate is a mystery which seems more to do with excuses.

With the Ten Commandments etched on their hearts they must be in constant heartfelt anguish and heartache with the most prominent being “Thou shalt not kill”.

As for the Days of Grace, what a different story that conveys from the page, which are ours to accept if only we would put the petty passions behind us and accept that we are first and foremost worthy to receive.

When you consider the mental anguish that must exist in the minds of those whose main motivation would appear to be to perpetuate the Days of Rage, perhaps you can understand the expressions of anguish and doubt that underlie the face of bravado. It makes you wonder when you can’t see past the face of anger how that person can possible feel worthy to receive the Grace of the Lord.

If you take the words GRACE and RAGE the only thing missing from Rage to make Grace is C, you C? You wouldn’t think that it would be so difficult to change from RAGE and fill the gap in GRA E. When C stands for Community, for Comrade and Comradeship, for Coming-together, for Church, for you can find more I’m sure!

I believe that there will never be peace in Jerusalem where all will fight over the smallest flagstone of ground that in fact belongs to no one, and I believe that despite all the efforts of those across the pond over the many years there will never be peace in Northern Ireland where there will forever be fights over flags.

In fact the Days of Rage go back further, much further than memory or recorded time which is why those left behind now find themselves only with time for confrontation because they have forgotten the underlying reason for their disagreements which in the cold light of day are petty misconceptions expressed as hate.

Most of our Days of Rage are about two distinct races of humans in both areas mentioned when they were fighting for something entirely different from their made up excuses of today that they imagine must be carried forward into the coming times come what may.

A foolish concept, practiced by so many that must be replaced by forgiveness if peace is ever to be achieved. All need to learn and put into practice the advice of the masters who have already walked this Earth. Those like the recently passed Madiba, Nelson Mandela.

In certain cases I believe blame was first apportioned on those who did not deserve it, being given responsibilities beyond their capabilities and then when things went wrong were blamed for their ignorance. As so often is the case hate has deep roots cited by some as family or tribal, but I believe go back much further which is why it is so difficult to overcome. We know we hate but we don’t know why!

Please let your New Year’s Resolution be: to put into practice the power of forgiveness. This is the only way that peace will ever find new roots that must be planted in each one of you, each one of us.
In this way you will find Happiness with Hanukah


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2 Responses to RESOLUTION

  1. “As so often is the case hate has deep roots cited by some as family or tribal, but I believe go back much further which is why it is so difficult to overcome. We know we hate but we don’t know why!”

    So very True David, the Rage is ingrained deep within our psych as we ponder our beginnings and wonder Will we ever be able to live together in Peace? … Many changes are already happening globally and many more yet I have no doubts we shall still ‘C’…. I feel mankind has to come to the brink in order for him to see the futility of Rage.. Only in his last steps will he see Grace is not failure or being soft.. But Grace is the very Love he has fought to find all his days.. Grace is within the countries he conquered, he will find Grace was always there in his children, his women he thought he owned, The Forests he destroyed, Grace was just waiting for Mankind to wakeup to himself as he learnt to let go of Anger and his Rage and allow Love and Light to permeate his shadows… When he allows Love, true Love and Grace into his heart, then, only then will he understand his roots were set in his choices of Free Will…And that the experiment to control will not succeed. Many have forgotten their roots as they lost their way in Rage’s Karma,

    I hope David as we step into our future we allow Grace to cast her light as she shatters the shadows of Man’s past.. For Time is but Now to start our New Moments .. For a Golden Day in some distant Moment of Now… Where ALL is as it should be..

    Beautifully written post David

    Love and Light and Blessings for 2014 to you ALL
    Sue Xox


    • David says:

      Love your writing too Sue and thanks for this lovely comment we have feelings about the coming year asking that all of humanity will accept the Grace that comes to them. Let this be the year! Love, David


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