With headings like these one can only start with:
If only …
So, if only you remembered we began some time ago when it was proposed that IF ONLY we were aware that we were under observation by our own idea of a Divinity that was only interested in our ultimate good, well-being and happiness, that had given us the greatest gift of free-will, and that it mattered not whether we believed in a Divinity or not, the interest solely in our well-being was still, always has been and always will be there.

That being said it must follow that we are continuously under observation. Of course with free-will there must also be a ton of speculation as to whether there is a Divinity or not, which cannot be proven one way or the other. It is amazing the number who do believe, but who continually disagree and resort to killing each other under the name of the same Divinity.

So despite the number of prophets since the beginning of recorded time, and come to think of it since way before, who have been the instigators, whether in physical or non form, the inspiration of the many cults, faiths and factions all trying to bring the consciousness of mankind into the recognition of a Divinity.

But I believe in just the One Divinity, but that there had to be a diversity of prophets and inspirations as many as there are diversities of humankind on this planet, which is how we arrive at the fantastic variety of faiths that abound.

If only all of mankind could believe as I do in the One and enjoy the many pathways that lead to the One with no one avenue being the only one to follow!
Please don’t cite healing as a miraculous proof of Divine Grace which is open to all of us if only we would accept it and not deny it.

So when it comes to religion it is open to speculation, despite attendance at Sunday-School or Friday-Prayers to believers or non-believers alike. You see, belief or non-belief is all wrapped up in free-will which is what unconditional love is all about, in case you were not aware. You want freedom? You have it in your free-will in which you can do as you please, but I ask you to be mindful that you are under a watchful gaze.

There are many things observed by us that we cannot explain:
When walking in a desert though we are willing to accept that the oasis, a lake or a city shimmering in the distance disappears as quickly as it appeared, seemed so real and was after all accepted as a mirage. We accept such a phenomena without question except perhaps with a curse if we were dying of thirst!

It is certainly not an hallucination because it is often seen by many at the same moment in time and the fact that it could be easily accounted for as a reflection through at atmospheric aberration of something real that exists in a different place and would certainly not be picked up on any ground radar had one such system been handy at the time of the observation!

Many of us will have no difficulty in believing that God or our Guardian Angel has us constantly in their radar or vision, although we are completely unaware of their benevolent attention. We just believe!

Similarly we can’t get away from the fact that some of us are convinced that strange unidentified, or should I say misidentified, lights or shapes in the sky are actual craft of some kind and when we can’t decide, even after extensive group and individual research are convinced they must be alien in origin. Or to the sceptical unexplainable!

Well, you would hardly expect to see the image of an oasis, lake or city floating in the sky would you? Come on!

I wonder if something as simple as a mirage in the desert where heat haze is so distorting, through the many layers and pressure differences of the atmosphere, could account for the strange effects of shapes and lights that seem so real and might also be atmospheric mirages and reflections of other events crafts and lights in the sky, especially when nothing is picked up on any sophisticated civil or military radar systems.

But what of those that are picked up?
We seem to believe that we are at the peak of this kind of technological expertise even though we now have aircraft that can fly undetected. What if there is someone somewhere better than us and capable of flying, monitoring, or shadowing our every move allowing us briefly to see them and disappear at will and hiding from our radar? No one to my knowledge has been killed by any so called alien invasion or flap.

The so called experts seem, when completely at a loss to explain such sightings as probably alien and therefore antagonistic and therefore intent on wanting to take over the whole planet! Yeah right!

If I were such an alien, one look at the way we can’t even agree a budget, as any housewife has to do, and are constantly killing each other, I’d move on and look for a more placid planet to investigate and maybe help in their evolutionary process.

But here’s a thought: there are a few enlightened researchers who have the vision to look back in time before the advent of records past speculation to a reality when there is surely no doubt now that the earth was seeded by benevolent beings who gave us the capacity not only to think beyond instinct, but to receive consciousness. In other words they gave us what most now recognise as the God Gene!

Now that may have taken you on a leap in your own consciousness or maybe you know it already or put it down to the ramblings of a crackpot, but it matters not for one day you will come to the same realisation.

But just for a moment think: If only it were true, don’t you think that those who gave us the God Gene would want to keep an eye on us and see how we were getting along, their effective progeny? If so they might even show up on radar don’t you think? Or maybe when they see that we need more time to sort out the disastrous mess we have got ourselves into, they’ve done their best and can only watch, listen and then skedaddle before actual confrontation.

If they came any closer do you think we are ready to accept our benefactors or would we crucify them, shoot them or just blow them out of the sky before they could land say with another gift through our own shear fear?

Perhaps the governments around the world are right to keep all such contacts secret and as the Russian Prime Minister was overheard to say, ‘the aliens are already among us!’ and that’s something we just have to get used to!

Another observation: It seems that most sightings are viewed over quiet deserts in placid places like New Mexico, calm hills and valleys in Wales and Norway. How wise of our cousins not to venture over fields of fighting such as Mali, Syria or Somalia.
Happy star gazing with Love, Hanukah


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  1. “But here’s a thought: there are a few enlightened researchers who have the vision to look back in time before the advent of records past speculation to a reality when there is surely no doubt now that the earth was seeded by benevolent beings who gave us the capacity not only to think beyond instinct, but to receive consciousness. In other words they gave us what most now recognise as the God Gene!”

    Oh beautiful truths are written in your words David… 🙂 We speculate on much,,. Oh I would love a long conversation with yourself with a glass of something with you and your friend in the fire light of those logs you cut up to burn.. 🙂 And talk the night away about such speculations and observations 😉

    Have a Blessed Year David


  2. cat says:

    Mirages give hope … for a while … then fall apart … so does believing in … anything … always fun while it lasts though …Love your avatar …


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