Conventional wish-dom invites us to wish all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
As if it were something outside of ourselves, whereas in my book it is something deep inside of us. It is an attitude that has grown with us since the beginning of this life, from the moment we were able as babies to sustain life when our Spirit, Mind or Consciousness began within us.

Since that moment we have generated feelings and beliefs leading us to attitudes of mind when we, by that singular way of thinking or believing, have been able to meet our challenges as they appear before us; many of which have been the Soul set-ups necessary for our Soul growth and development.

Be aware that the attitude we present to the world is decided by our mental attitude that, can change from day to day, but has been generated, added to and altered, hopefully for the better during our lives, in the knowledge that there is nothing we cannot overcome and nothing that we cannot change.

Wherever you find yourself and however the past year has been for you I wish that a new level of consciousness will be born within you to bring with it an attitude of mind and body that will take you to where you wish to be with all your heart and that you will begin to enjoy a new life of simplicity, patience and compassion bringing you true happiness. The happiness of consciousness!
Love, Happiness and a Happy New Year with, Hanukah


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