The call that comes from a Baby’s creation
Needing its Mothers interpretation.
The shriek that summons high in the sky,
Eagles wheel and dive catch the ear and the eye.
The violent voice of the victorious Vixen, might
Bring the Cubs to share in the kill of the night.
The laugh of the hungry, hunting Hyena
Sends a chill in the heart of the nervous Impala.
The mew of the Merlin to its mellifluous mate
Echoes the scream of my young Kestrel Harriet
Who mistook me for her maternal surrogate.
The impatient bark of my cocker Kim at the gate!
The Lion’s roar that warns of his dominance
Rather frighten than fight, others back off, no offence!
Growl of the Bear, standing to twice his height,
Catches the Salmon in mid leaping flight.
Sounds of the horn guides a pack to the fray
Hounds on the trail sound the aniseed bay.
The whale sounds and opens its gape to grasp
As the shoal turns and flees with a multiple gasp.
Conversely the Ants in their millions will scurry,
To protect or to kill it’s a no-brain hurry.
The bugler calling all marshalled Men to arms
Is the only shrill tune that raises alarms!
For the rest are only the natural ways of being,
Doing what they do, calling or killing.
Some would say nature is cruel at its core,
But these are respect ways from old days of yore.
The days when all followed the great call of peace,
Doing just what they know, taking only one piece,
Sufficient for life to prolong and preserve
Is the only right way for all peace to be served.
Are you aware of your call to release?
Are you aware of your own call to peace?
Do you know yourself that well to trust?
What do you know, what you do is a must?
© David Tenneson 2013.
With Love, David


About David

Devonian writer
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3 Responses to CALLS to PEACE.

  1. cat says:

    I know u are watching over me … thank u


  2. David this is such a beautiful poem which calls us all to peace as we see the miracles around us from eagle to ant.. Loved this….

    Sending you thoughts for a very Happy New year in 2014 🙂
    Sue xox


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