‘How does healing work? ’ I am often asked.
I have been a member of three separate healing organisations ending up as Vice Chair of the Body Mind Spirit International – Healing Federation (BMSI-HF).

All three have the best intentions, training and operational methods although slightly different from one another. BMSI-HF often referred to as the University of Healing due to its stringent and highly skilled training methods, I considered was the best of the best and was privileged to serve.

I have also received an operation from a Psychic Healer and many sessions of healing directly from different healers and also distant healing with varying results. Now retired, I am married to the most marvellous healer I have ever met. When you consider that healing is a psychic gift, although not advertised as such, I am disappointed at the ignorance of the governments who in the case of the UK have demanded that any psychic readings or help should be described only as entertainment!

There are a number of conditions that must be met on different levels for both contact and distant healing to be successful.

There is no doubt in my mind that it is the link that is the fundamentally essential part of any attempt to transmit the gift of healing to anyone. There is no point in asking for healing for someone else who may not know the healer nor subscribe to the possibility of being helped in that way.

Faith is often cited as the only link necessary for healing to work, but it depends on the definition of faith which is so often ascribed solely to a religious form of acknowledgement and belief in a deity, being the one and only source of healing grace available to the human race.

There is, contained within the last paragraph a deal of deliberate confusion since in my view everything that we experience including healing must start from somewhere and I know in my heart where that is!

I believe that the Grace of the Lord is with us always, to be accepted or not, which is up to the individual. That if mentally refused could be the block to any remedial receipt. The importance when answering the call for healing is that the call must come directly from the client in need.

The client must know the healer who is available to help and must also agree to the exact time when the healing is to be given, whether Contact obviously or Distant. The link is then made. It is also desirable for the healer to know the client directly or if in the Distant Healing scenario by psychic intuition, the link is then secured!

Healing is often asked for whole families most of whom have no idea of the request and would more than likely refuse it or deny it if they were aware.
There would be no point in asking for healing for the King of Saudi Arabia! We do not know him and he certainly does not know us.

Being willing to accept and being able to receive this kind of help is also part of the oneness we all seek which comes through practice of all that is entailed in the Ascension process. If you cannot bring yourself to believe in a divinity try to believe in the brotherhood of man. If you can do this you will be on the right path towards Unity or Oneness!

More broadly speaking: when we can all subscribe to a brotherhood that respects everyone else as their brothers and sisters, a link is forged that allows for the growth of such a connection over the many levels that we need to cultivate on our way to Oneness, through Ascension, in which the general state of Well-being is gifted.

There are many who may dispute these ideas since healing OCCURS. And I write it in capitals because there are many so called remissions and improvements that occur for a variety of reasons, but not accredited to healing by the establishment of conventional health practitioners of course. The best and most positive of them all is the attitude of the one who for a number of reasons may have fallen ill and may or may not ask for help, and yet improves!

Self healing with the LINK between consciousness and body maintained and reinforced on a daily basis, which may be unnecessary for me to mention as it must obviously be the best connection and the best way forward for the whole of humanity, with the understanding that the body is fully capable of healing itself so long as the consciousness or mental attitude does not disbelieve or deny the possibility. Remember that talking to one’s self is the beginning of wisdom! Especially if directing one’s thoughts to the area of concern.

I could go on but let me put it finally that faith in one’s self is of paramount importance. Start from there my friends! Be Well and be Happy with Hanukah within this season and throughout the coming year.


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2 Responses to THE HEALING LINK

  1. cat says:

    Never thought of being in remission as being healed … that’s me … but I do have hope … that’s me as well … lovely post … Merry XMas and a happy New Year, David and Eugene. Love, cat.


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