I was taught: ‘I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth … at that point, after thousands of repetitions and recognising how many mistranslations and additions to the accepted text and extra hidden gospels there were, the gradual shift brought me to a more direct and intimate connection with the Divine, which I now know as the Logos and where I find myself today.

Having just seen the film ‘Ghandi’ for the umpteenth time, I love it, where he asks the Moslems and the Hindus to treat each other as brothers, but sadly to no avail and due to their stubborn intransigence the partition into India and Pakistan at the moment of independence is born as the two states, which are still at war today.

This political/religious failure caused the mass migration of the opposing faiths into lands where they thought they would be accepted and feel safe, but uprooting everything that they knew and loved, and in the process falling foul of each other, time and time again. Some did however stay put and manage for the best part to live in harmony with each other. If only we all could!

Still today we all know that there is animosity between Hindus and Moslems, Moslems and Christians and Moslems and Moslems. How long will it take before we all become One?

I do believe that the day will come when all philosophies and religions will at last be reading from the same page in the same book. Though such a book does not exist yet today!

There was a time when a cataclysm was feared and tried to be averted by causing us all to speak in different tongues, but again to no avail, and it may even take another cataclysm to cause us all to speak the same language if not the same tongue, which admittedly may take a clever translator to bring us all to the same understanding. Something I pray for but will probably never see in this lifetime.

Of course the worrying thing would be the nature of the cataclysm that would promote such a coming together of common thought to produce the Oneness that many of us seek. Oh! You thought it would happen gently and quietly? Do you think we could do that, perform that miracle on our own, quietly and gentle? This is the human race we are talking about. If you are banking on Divine intervention forget it! Mankind made it so mankind must mend it!

So what does Oneness mean to you? Would it mean such a catastrophe that most of humanity would be wiped out, so that the remaining few could come to some agreement? A repeat of the flood to wash the world clean! Or is agreement unnecessary when the Universe thrives on diversity?

Or maybe on the other hand would it mean that there is another major leap of consciousness in the offing to bring mankind to a new level of common senses, as opposed to common senselessness?

It seems to me that there is nothing wrong, out of kilter or un-loving with the common man where difference is valued and each is appreciated for his or her own worth and talents, admittedly abused and exploited by those in power, and it is only when you approach that higher level of religion, philosophy or power that difference becomes essential, critical and valued as the only way! The only way to war! (At the expense of lesser mortals.)

I was once privileged to be present at the channelling of one whom we all would call Nefertiti but who explained that her name was actually Neferishi. She admitted that in her Earthly incarnation and from that position of power she considered that human life was worthless and implored us not to follow that path! I think you could say that we have failed so far!

However, it seems in the social media and blogging world the common thought is that there is a groundswell of peace, love and harmony among the local folk that will bring about the change we all would wish to see, but it is actually from the top that the only real and viable change needs to take place. And how far away is that?

We are so used to being romantic about the silver lining we see in the clouds that we foolishly vote for the same wielders of power, who could not care less for the clouds, still less the common man or woman, and are only interested in the linings of their own pockets being made of gold!

It is not from Friday Prayers, Senate Sittings or Sunday Mass that we will see the change in thought for they are all fixed and in the public domain. What we need to see is a change in the secluded back room prayer and committee meetings and teachings, to insist that change is required so that corruption, the indoctrination, brain washing and the glory of suicide are all redeemed in radical reversal.

I have often wondered if there was ever a time when there was only one faith when there was just the one massive continent which was split apart by a cataclysm so great that it almost tore the planet into pieces. Even as we speak the planet is trying its best, regardless of human thought, to resolve that tectonic torture that gave us the world we know today and return us to one massive mega continent again. Would that bring us all back together?

By successive mass plumes of heat rising from the Earth’s core it is endeavouring to fuse the landmasses back together, a process that could take another 250 million years to achieve. Let’s hope that the Oneness of heart, mind and consciousness back to one understanding of the Divine Source of All There Is, the Logos, will not take as long! I hope that you believe in the possibility of a sooner rather than a later resolution that will bring with it the Happiness of Oneness that we seek.
With Love, Hanukah


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2 Responses to I BELIEVE

  1. cat says:

    Oneness … I like that … oneness happens when we don’t apply labels, like christian, moslem, jewish, buddhist and even god less … mmmh? I feel oneness every day … with you … thank you … Love, cat.


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