The Tao speaks of the making of a wheel by placing spokes from a hub to the rim and tyre, but it is the hole in the centre of the hub that gives the wheel its motion. Similarly when you build a house you make a sure foundation, put up walls with a roof on top but it is the space inside that gives you your room to live.

Any adjustment to the hole in the hub, by wear or the space in your room, say by division into smaller spaces, alters the motion of your cart or the way you live in your altered space.

Imagine therefore your own thoughts and feelings as being like the hole or the space which by simple alteration changes your beliefs and benefits. This is all achieved by the change in vibration. The change in the hole will change the revolution of the wheel and the change in the room size is felt immediately you walk into a smaller or larger space.

The greatest power you posses is the ability to change which is all part of your becoming, whether this is the modulation of your mind-set or the moving towards mergence through your HPT meditation is of little consequence and down to you according to the path you choose to take. Everything but everything comes down to the frequency of the vibration which you alter little by little, by every thought, word and deed.

The Oneness that many are speaking of right now for me is all about the becoming better in everything that you think, say or do and for me the fast track route is the mergence that comes through the meeting of the Trinity in my HPT, where I recognise the aspect of the Divine within, which some call Soul and some call Atma and the allowance of changes in the vibration that brings becoming that much closer to the Oneness we all seek and talk about through the communication between the Soul, Spirit and Body.

It all comes down to vibration where slight changes in our consciousness, mind, spirit like the hole in the wheel can have tremendous effects at the outer edges of the rim of the wheel and therefore the speed of the conveyance. In other words you and me, in everything we think say and do that can also reach to the outer limits of our experience and to those who experience us, affects the way we live and interact with others!

Why is this important?
Regardless of our beliefs and whether we want to become part of the Oneness we are part of the whole and therefore as our vibration changes the response and interchange, back and forth or the energies to and from the Universe will change accordingly. So it’s not just a case of how we connect with others here on Earth but how we link with the Universe itself.

It never ceases to amaze me that those who place themselves in different boxes according to their choices like Gnostic, Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Pagan, Moslem, Rosicrucian, Jew or one of a thousand cults refuse to see that we are all subject to the same vibrational changes and consequences.

There is no doubt that we are emotional beings, we know this incidentally from the emotive maze that we have been trying to negotiate since we decided to move house, but so far it has taken three years for changes to take place. Changes that have emotional consequences that have had their effect like attending the classroom that teaches patience every single day.

Our emotions have changed our feelings and our beliefs! We have spoken of the need for the spring cleaning of the mind to ensure that our beliefs stay current and are not stuck in the ideas of others and the way to find our true beliefs is to take a hard look at our emotions and feelings. Can you see that a slight change in emotion, feeling or belief can make a magnificent change to the manifestation of our needs wants and desires purely through the change in vibration?

During the classes of patience we have gone through sadness, frustration and depression before we learnt that we are like the space that moves the wheel and gives us room to live, time is merely, like the wheel, subject to revolution the child of space and we can fill those spaces with happiness by a simple change of perception that produces that essential change in vibration until the moment of manifestation appears.

With the realisation that this space is in fact timeless and therefore has become to us what it always was, the moment of Now in the Divine presence is our freedom and our happiness. With Love, Hanukah


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2 Responses to HUB OF THE WHEEL

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    “emotive maze” – like that. Yes, I feel that.

    Enjoyed this, David, your thoughts. Very grounding. Cheers, & happy … well, Christmas now, I guess!


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