Of all the elements that frighten most
You might have thought it was a form of ghost.
But this one may come at dead of night
Not to hide from human sight,
That’s even unseen throughout the day
When it comes to jostle, jest and play.
It’s boisterous play brings fear to us
It could o’erturn a tower, house or bus.
Its power is in the very air we breathe
And is the cause of many a sorrowed wreath.
Named in alphabetic sequence
Whether in one type or another sense,
We remember their destructions
As we embark on reconstructions.
Despite the cost in property and humanity
We have not learnt to save from such calamity.
They come according to their own cycles,
Whether with desert heat or polar icicles.
We cannot tame, but learn to play along
We sail and fly and hope to hear the winners gong.
Learning to live and play along is the way,
Lessons provided for us each and every day.
There is no room for airs and graces in this life
The power of wind around the world is rife.
If only we would wind our egos back
Walking a path with wind at our backs.
© David Tenneson 2013.
With Love, David


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Devonian writer
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