The earthquake that shattered Japan through the Tsunami that almost destroyed the nuclear plants at Fukushima and killed so many has been uppermost in not only the minds of the Japanese people, but now as the radioactivity reaches other shores it is occupying the thoughts of other peoples as well.

The collapse of factory buildings in Bangladesh and the deaths of so many workers has been felt by the many clothing suppliers across the globe, as they try to make amends, by ensuring proper building practices and offering compensation to those left behind who lost loved ones.

This is just two examples of natural and manmade disasters. The recent collapse of the supermarket roof in Latvia and the roof collapse in China due to the weight of snow are just two more examples of combinations, but mainly manmade catastrophes. Accidents abound like the crashing crane into the football stadium roof in Brazil due to the speed of greed.

I could go on with more natural volcanoes and earthquakes which only go to prove the difficulties which we face every day in the building industry, but that is not all as we shall see.

Our problems, it would seem, are a combination of flimsy construction that does not take proper account of the requirements of factories in the weight imposed of machinery and workers, but then there are similar housing accommodations that tend to fall down like a pack of cards. Why?

The greatest mistake, it seems to me, is to imagine that whatever nature can throw at us, which is all part of the natural cycles, ignoring for a moment the idiocy of mankind in deforestation, underground nuclear tests etc. promoting the natural movements of the earth which will naturally not occur again in our lifetime and therefore there is no need to replant, build or reinforce construction whether it be for living, manufacturing, selling or sport. What have we become?

Hainan typhoon in the Philippines devastated many islands whose homes and churches, made mainly of wood, including local living trees fell like matchwood and even those constructions of concrete did not escape the lifting power of the wind that took away the corrugated iron roofs which we ourselves remembered when a strong wind, the start of the Mistral here in Spain that roars up through France, ripped the iron roof from our concrete shed and deposited it in the next door neighbour’s orchard!

Natural, so called, disasters abound that only go to show how insubstantial are our building practices, how greedy are our builders as we learned when our freshly plastered ceiling crashed to the floor through inferior plaster, and the international criminal activities of the suppliers of so called cement that was nothing more than powdered stone and not fit for purpose in the past.

Despite the fact that most people love to take holidays near a beach and the human race loves to live near the sea, from which we all emerged in the remote past, we still retain 80% in our bodies which is probably the magnetic draw, but we continue to put ourselves at great risk in the choices we make.

There is no doubt that we are slow to learn the lessons of history and still believe what Gecko (in the form of Michael Douglas) said, “Greed is Good!”

Why do you think that those who built such everlasting monuments as Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, Kobekli Tepe, the Pyramids at Giza, Bosnia, the Americas, China and who knows where else constructed on such a massive scale?

It was because they understood the nature of Nature and the forces that are potential within and upon our planet. Sadly though, over the span of time, in a relatively quiet period, we believed that we were able to get away with less. ‘Otherwise known as getting away with greed’, which is now coming to a none too early end to haunt our insatiable avarice as we suffer the consequences of our actions.

There have been cataclysms in the remote past which have left little trace and others that have only gone to show that like the Pyramids we need to build big and strong if we want things to be safe and to last.

There is another problem in that because the fabric of monuments is so huge, and beyond our capability right now, we only assume that outside help would be needed to repeat the process all over again and we could not let that happen unless we invited Aliens to assist, according to some! Does no one else believe that we were the builders of the past who just plain forgot?

The thing is that I am sure that quarrying, lifting and moving massive megaliths is not beyond the minds of our modern scientists if only they would put their minds to it and try to remember! But I guess its low down on the list of priorities when the lobby in its present form is so strong. However I am led to believe that the minds of scientists and engineers are at last coming round to other possibilities than gargantuan cranes! Here’s hoping!

Oh! And if only they would do it for a reasonable price!
There are forces about folks that would do the job for a fraction of the cost and seemingly huge but inadequate effort employed so far, if only you would think outside the box. Or is that too much to ask?
Come on guys get your thinking caps on and keep us all safe and happy!
Love, Hanukah


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