I just sat and thought about the word and realised how all encompassing it is!
There are so many forms of partnership. Many in these days just decide to live together and refer to each other as their partner whether of same or opposite sex.

Having lived together before the advent of same sex marriage there was at first just a civil partnership and in the eyes of the law having lived together for so long partners were treated as equals in the relationship, common law partners, but of course not enjoying the same privileges as a married couple.

Then there are the various forms of business partnerships and over many years in business I was witness to many partnerships that became soured through the greed of one or other of the partners leaving the other almost destitute, despite having put in the same or more to set up a business or in terms of work effort to promote the business.

Trust it seems is never to be trusted! Since it is impossible to know another completely and certainly when money becomes involved Pandora’s Box is automatically opened. A good and fair business partner is a rare commodity so hold on to her or him and as Tim in the Runway would say, “Make it work!”

There is much to be said. No! Everything to be said for having women on the boards of companies and it is pleasing to see that women, especially in the East are involved in business more and more often the CEO and running the show.

What has been and is still wrong with the atrophied male brain that imagines the female brain is any less worthy than their own? As the advert says She, being the chief engineer just says: ‘I work at the Nuclear Power Plant.’ He: ‘What do you do, make the tea?’ And ‘No!’ To all you ignorant male idiots out there, ‘It is not a joke!’

Unfortunately we are again in that patriarchal patch of evolvement having swung through the matriarchal mode and back again, more’s the pity, to the point where rape is commonplace and the male brain seems to have sunk far lower than the cranial casement where it is supposed to reside and influences the decision making from the base-ment!

I have spoken often of the beauty of diversity not only in the Universe but also throughout the human race but try telling the average male that his next door neighbour, whether male or female is the ideal partner in his own development and you will be greeted with scornful mirth.

We as individuals that make up the human race are unique. Our diversity is built into our basic makeup that emanates from the driving force of life, the Soul, through the Mind, Consciousness, Spirit through to the Body. It’s the way we are designed and when you think about it what better forms of partners could there be than those who are unique by design. We bring so much to the table whether it be the design, dining table, workshop or the boardroom.

What is the purpose of partnership?
Certainly not for one to be the master and the other the slave which even in this day and age sadly still goes on. Slavery, apparently, is rife still even in the UK!

There is an unwritten spiritual purpose that admittedly is often written into contract form which, to me, only goes to show the lack of trust that exists between us, but implies that we are meant to be partners. More than that, we are meant to be co-creators! There should be no differentiation between members of the human race whether male, female, black, yellow, red, white, and certainly religion, tribe or clan should not come into the equation whatsoever! But unfortunately current wars are still being fought on that very basis.

The Soul within is a power house of ideas that, if only we would recognise and give it a voice through our regular HPT meetings of the Trinity, evolution would take a giant leap forward, we might even have a chance of saving Mother Earth from the ravaging Greed of mankind.

Look around you and see who talks the most sense to you, who talks your language that speaks of health, harmony and love for mankind, the planet and your community. Perhaps you would make the ideal partnership to promote the place in which you live and bring happiness to all who share it with you.

Remember that a partnership means relationship which once begun never ceases even if you physically part for, be assured, partnerships and relationships last forever. The possibilities for partnerships are endless.
As always up to you my friends, but choose with care!
With Love, always Hanukah


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