Are you a painful moaner or a joyful Pollyanna?
If you are living in the present moment, the moment of Now then nothing should matter to you other than that which makes you happy.

If you are noisy politician or even a quiet activist being a politician or an activist your goals are probably much the same, like hoping to change the world. You might not like what others are doing, but if you don’t like doing what you are doing then don’t do it because you will never be happy, but if you are happy doing what you are doing and hoping to change the world, no matter what anyone else thinks, says or does then carry on doing it.

What should be uppermost in your consciousness is the brilliant conscience that you display like the words written on your heart. Anyone else’s ideas of wrong or right should have no bearing on what you think, say or do so long as you think, say and act according only to those golden maxims of your own ideas of right and wrong.

In the eyes of the Logos, you may refer to as God, there is no right or wrong, just a difference of opinion expressed individually by each and every unique human being on the planet.

Yes indeed we are unique, each male or female personality is totally individual, but more importantly every Soul is unique and every Soul is an offspring, I was going to say son or daughter of the Divine Logos, but of course the Soul is a spark of the Divine Fire of the Logos which we often refer to as He and someone even wrote a book entitled, ‘When God was a Woman’! How ludicrously anthropomorphic can you get?

However, each one loved so much by the Logos that the only concern of the Divine is that each of us has every opportunity to be our unique happy selves. This is so difficult to convey with our inadequate vocabulary but I hope you get my meaning.

The problem with humanity is that we deny ourselves that basic right. Some of us are right royal, majestic moaners for whom nothing is ever right, while others see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil whatever happens to them! But maybe that’s the way, of no courage, their path takes them in this life. We cannot judge, we cannot know another, we deny and hide so much we barely know ourselves and it’s impossible to wear another’s shoes.

If only we could appreciate who and what we really are! And by We I mean all of us, all seven billion or so of us then pain and joy would have a good chance of being seen as the same. In whatever state we find ourselves!

Have you noticed how those who have gone through so much, maybe a chronic disease involving painful, sometimes poisoning debilitating treatments, soldiers losing limbs in battle and those who have suffered the result of natural disasters losing everything but life itself, have that amazing radiance that shines from their smiles which seem to be impossibly against the face of such devastation.

Perhaps the Buddha was right that we should all live a life of detachment and gratitude, feeling the same state of bliss through pain or joy! I try, I really do try to feel the same like not getting too excited … so difficult when you are expecting the family to arrive any minute … I find it easier to feel happy, or I should say blissful, about going to hospital for an operation.

What it comes down to is the control of our thoughts: We can be as happy or as miserable as we please and, as with any human endeavour practice makes perfect, so the more we practice the thoughts that make us feel happy then the happier we will be. If you are up to your neck in fertilizer remember the time when you were bathed in the beauty and perfumes of violet and rose petals!

We have a habit of complaining about others habits and attitudes, but like our own histories we should practice seeing things in the light of kindness remembering the times of joy, happiness, harmony and peace in our lives.

I find the moments of HPT the ideal time to focus at the beginning of those precious moments on those pleasant times. So at the beginning of the day that first HPT prayer and meditation sets me up in the right mental attitude. A gentle mental attitude promotes a gentle physical presence where kindness and compassion have ample space to show themselves through my smiling face, help and healing that I am immediately able to offer.
May the energies of kindness, compassion and healing bless you, with Love, Hanukah


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