Time to look again at the Stream!
Some of you may not believe in its existence and there lies one of the biggest problems for our race as a whole. (Perhaps ‘some’ should read ‘MOST’!) But it could be a case of semantics: Stream, flow, surge, grace, blessing, call it what you will.

I have been married to two people who both referred to themselves as realists. To me, the sublime optimist, until something hit me so hard I lay flat on the virtual ground for four years, and 20 years later something didn’t exactly hit me but crept up so quietly from behind the veil of what looked to me like paradise, I didn’t see it coming, thinking all in the garden was lovely, would you believe that I still called them pessimists. I was resolute in my mindset!

Many of us are still acting out our lives in clouds of fear and insecurity, easily swayed by the nuclear, terrorist, and alien invasion myths that we are afraid to trust anyone, believing that the Universe is a malign mess of evil and therefore we would not even contemplate the possibility of a beneficent benefactor, benefactors or a Stream of Energies that can by their very nature only bring Well-being to us.

It sounds as if I want you to change your mind in such a radical way so as to disbelieve everything you have ever believed and take on the opposite. In other words it sounds as if I’m saying that my belief is that yin really is yang and positive really is negative! No it’s not that at all. Close, but not exactly that, although if you are true to yourself and are prepared to be honest about what you truly feel and believe you may be in for a few self imposed ‘U’ turns.

You may remember that I once said the most power you have within you is the power to change your mind. What I’m saying is that if you could change your position just a little and try to see things from a different direction you could be in for some pleasant surprises.

For a moment have a look at your friends and acquaintances, in particular the ones who always seem to have a smile on their faces and are happy with their lot!
The last phrase, ‘happy with their lot’ is probably the most important because it implies a mental attitude of contentment!

If when you look out of the window and imagine that the grass is always greener elsewhere and others are luckier than you the attitude of envy makes you feel less than them and therefore you are worse off and it follows you are un-happy with your lot.

Essentially what’s happening here is that you are blocking or at the very least diverting the Stream of Well-being that is coming your way and I wonder if the word stream is the right word to use. Like the Physicists who see light itself as both particles and also as waves. If you look at the source of the Stream as the pebble dropped into the pool it is the ever expanding ripple effect that spreads over the surface of the pool that is actually more like the Stream, but not just in two but in at least three dimensions, in all directions!

Clues: Are you where you want to be? Concentrate on where you want to be.
Are you doing what you want to do? Try to do what you want to do, not what makes others happy, but what makes you happy.

Take time to review your habits. Sometimes our habits are not the best for us.
All these views and many more involve changes, changes in our mental attitude to life in general and much of it involves having the courage to jump out of our comfort zone and see life that is not impossible but better than we thought possible before.

You might think that the family gathering is the best thing that you could do, don’t get me wrong for I have already expounded its benefits, but for which you may see yourself as the main provider. Try involving others to share that responsibility. You may be surprised at the number who have been waiting, but not daring to ask, for that invitation.

You may, out of habit, go to one particular place for your mid morning cuppa when out shopping. Try somewhere else and when you catch the eye of a stranger more than once it’s a non verbal invitation, so grab your courage, jump out of your comfort zone and go over and introduce yourself. Here is where excitement begins and if it doesn’t work the first time don’t despair wait for the next invitation.

Remember it’s what makes you feel good that matters. Don’t, whatever you do, feel guilty about changing your routine. Allow that new change of viewpoint, that surge of adrenalin and excitement back into your life. Indulge in the Stream, it’s there for your benefit.

Once you have accepted it don’t think that’s the end of the story it’s only the beginning. It requires not only acceptance but also action. So by changing your view and your mental attitude you have also changed the vibration that you are sending out to the Universe and guess what? The Law of Attraction will respond by sending you more of what you have changed to, more of what you really want.

Incidentally the pessimists worry a lot. Me? I‘ve always been an optimistic word warrior. How about you? In optimism, believing in the best outcome, there is a magic that attracts more of the same, but in pessimism there is nothing because you are just either resisting, refusing or denying everything and sadness follows easily.
Be Happy with Hanukah


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