There may be much that you resent, disagree with or demand to desist especially when you watch the news. However each of those feelings or reactions must include an element of judgement on your part.

You may even be so upset at the plight of those in the Philippines due to the devastation caused by the typhoon Haiyan that you wonder how and why it was caused, why was it not foreseen or prevented and why so many suffer before aid can reach them.

We have seen many extreme weather conditions and natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis that have caused more everlasting chaos due to the efforts of mankind to provide energy in its many forms using much of the Earth’s resources, and still we do not or will not recognise the power of nature and find ways to safeguard and work with it instead of against it.

There is no consolation because all of the cyclic signs signify repetition and if anything a worsening of the effects for natural movements that will occur on land, below the ocean, in the atmosphere and from the space that surrounds us.

The reasons are complex but include, as I say, a cyclic pattern and also a reaction to the actions of mankind and the foolish ways we employ to manage ourselves and the planet.

These extremes are no different to the extremes that we have created between the rich and the poor and who should we hold responsible for that than ourselves.

These conditions have provoked much discussion and argument as to the right or wrong way to look after ourselves, where we should safely live and how we should fuel our towns and cities.

So is there a right or a wrong way?
In a word: No!
There are many different ways and each way has its own consequences to take into consideration before putting any plan into action. As we age we tend to suffer from short term memory loss and at my advanced age it seems to me that despite our amazing capacity to store and retrieve information we never learn, and continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

If we can accept that there is no right or wrong way then whether by man or nature whatever happens at the point of happening is beyond our control. What then is the point of complaint, resistance or objection, all of which put you like a stone wall up against the stream of Well-being which means that you have less chance of coping with anything that happens or comes your way, whether you like it or not.

What’s even worse is that by subscribing to whatever happens that you do not want, you are taking on something that someone or something else has projected whatever its source. The secret is to concentrate only on what you do like, want or desire and never, ever complain, resist or resent anything that happens around you.

It’s going to sound ‘really weird Andy’ to some, I know, but it is the only way to keep on a positive even keel and to stop yourself from slipping and descending down the spiral of discontent, that leads to all sorts of stuff you definitely do not want in your life.

Remember you don’t have to follow anyone else, so if you don’t like what they do then don’t do it no matter what names they call you. Remember again that you are your own man or woman!

You may also recall that it is the variety of creativity of the human race that fuels the universe, so it would be useless to condemn or deny the creativity or likes of others since creativity is the prerogative of everyone. We have free will to create whatever we wish with the blessing of the Divine.

What’s the old saying?
‘I might not agree with you but I will defend your right to disagree to the death!’
No point in objecting then!
Go with your own flow regardless, and that will lead you to happiness.
Be content with me, Hanukah


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3 Responses to OBJECTION

  1. Well said David, well done 🙂 For sure our thoughts really do make a difference and lead to actions which lead to change. Let’s hope that we see impressive changes for the better during our lifetimes 🙂


  2. Wise words as always David, Yes no right or wrong, it just IS.. and we are now within this phase of seeing our weather increase in intensity.. We have to be aware of our thinking as our thoughts contribute to the cycle of energy.. Keeping calm brings calm, as we humans escalate our Panic mode in chaotic thought so too our reality mirrors our actions…
    Peace to you my friend


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