Word of warning: This was written back in August but cannot be found on the Blog so here goes:
In the words of Lao-tse the Uncarved Block refers to either a tree or a wood that just is as it is. It seems that if we leave things as they are, nature takes good care of everything. A bit like the current thinking with regard to gardening and growing food that advocates the tilling of the ground to prepare the soil, but just the once, and then to let nature take care of successive seasons and harvests as explained by the proponents in both Japan and India who like me realise that if only we would go back to how we used to do things before everything became mechanised we would be able to feed the world just so long as we did not try to feed the greed of the world at the same time!

My vision of the way things need to be takes me back to when my children were small and we would go for a walk around the lake and feed the ducks, geese and swans. After the walk and the children played on the swings and climbing frames I would sit and contemplate the level lake.

With no interference this miraculous mirror of nature reflected the world and all that happened above and around its tranquil surface, with an occasional ripple from the wind just to remind me that we were in the world but not of the world.

The interference came when the boats were put out for hire and the images were disturbed, distorted and thrown into what many would see as negative confusion, as the warden kept a watchful eye for the inevitable water fights which would have ensued without his control. There has to be some guidance after all!

I see this kind of disturbance coming into every aspect of our lives when mankind becomes involved in the otherwise natural order of things, as the earth becomes depleted of all her natural resources, our atmosphere, rivers and oceans become polluted and the human race insists on the use of poisonous chemicals both in the treatment of disease and in the annihilation of each other.

Where did the aspect of controlling rather than working with nature come into our crazed consciousness? I guess gold then black gold have each had their part to play to feed the greed of the modern mind, but of course it all began much earlier as even the sub-humans realised the safety in numbers and the need for control.

Then the aspect of religion reared its many headed self which reinforced this need for control of the one thought, the one story which if misquoted, denied or opposed in any way would incur the wrath, not of the god but of the warrior monks and bishops who were determined to prove with force that their way, their version of the story was the only one that still occurs today.

You know if allowed it would be obvious that the un-carved block was alive and well in each one of us. It almost came into its own with the Gnostics but of course it was a deemed a heretic way by both Popes and Kings and almost obliterated from the face of the Earth.

I believe that our own personal untouched connection with the Divine is inherent within us and just waiting for our recognition. Name it what you will but whether you call it Mind, Soul or Spirit there is that element, that Divine Element that is the closest anyone can get to the Divine and it is right here within us.

You cannot touch it, carve it or measure it in any way and this is why I believe that everything else that is natural should be left alone. We have shown and proved our ignorance of nature and the planet for long enough.

There are ways to power everything we need without mining and sucking the planet core dry and polluting the surface, the air and the ocean in the process. There are ways to prevent and cure all of the diseases and maladies of mankind but sadly the powers behind the gilded thrones still withhold as secret, and not in the National Interest, the very remedies and ways to live naturally that would bring peace on Earth and allow us to remain here for the foreseeable future. But that would prevent the silver and gold linings, not of the clouds that pretty our sunsets, but of the pockets of the powers that be.

There are answers to these dilemmas, but not accessible to the likes of you and me who are blest with other knowledge and the wisdom to understand that we can pursue our own path without subscribing to the ignorance of power. There are movements afoot around the world that are learning the message of the un-carved block that I implore you to follow.
This is the way to Happiness with Hanukah


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  1. Once again my dear friend a very enlightening post delivered from the heart, and like Sue it spoke to me as to why our world is still fighting to control nature rather than work with it. I honestly don’t know! But one thing I do know is, ‘we MUST change’, we must as a collective humanity start working together to serve nature not damage it, we must put back what we have taken out, I.e plant more trees, fill in the scars that we have made from deep mining, grow more foods naturally and stop polluting our water, our skies and our soil with waste and chemicals. ‘Someday’ is not an option, time is running out and we as humans need to act and move for change!
    Namaste with Love


  2. This spoke to me greatly ” Where did the aspect of controlling rather than working with nature come into our crazed consciousness?”.. Your words within this post David resonate deeply… we have much to learn.. Respecting Nature’s Gifts it seems we are still in need of many lessons… The Power of her fury is only just being felt..
    Love and Blessings to you David… Sue xox


    • David says:

      We have just had 2300 kilos of orange tree logs, from trees too old to bear fruit, for the wood burning stove delivered, that I wish we did not have to use to keep warm in the coming colder days of winter. In each log I see the potential that exists within the uncarved block and have to admit to sculpting the occasional log into something to admire rather than burn. I try to work with the left overs of nature. Love, David


      • I am sure that the wood in what ever shape you should sculpt it in will bring its energy alive to warm your soul … And even the pieces which are used for firewood their living flame will bring warmth and light to your evenings…

        I wish we had the foresight some years ago to install a log burner.. It may yet be on the cards to convert. For I see a time when the energy crisis of providing affordable fuel will come to an end.. And this winter many old people will be challenged to keep themselves warm as their bills escalate beyond their means..
        Nature I am sure does not begrudge you her left-overs David.. πŸ™‚
        Bless you


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