Having left the celebrations
To the pumpkin generations,
Our thoughts were turned from trolls and ghouls
To the following day of Souls.

Once set upon a certain path
It takes nothing to do the math,
That all are stuck in confinement
Resting, passive and expectant!

We are blest with our Divine grace
In our own way of saving face,
Through meditation’s clear mergence
The Soul Light’s advice: Emergence!

The Trinity in awesome power
Brings all together hour by hour.
Gently to influence direction
Body, Mind and Soul’s Ascension.

Where are those who unknowingly
Miss this great opportunity,
The chance to correct and put right,
To bring back on the path of light.

Are they the ones we know as lost,
Souls in the dark of cold and frost?
Yet the chance to come together
Blending all in warmer weather?

Is this the answer that we seek?
Blest in the warmth of grace so meek,
But look inside the outer skin
You’ll find already grace within!

Ask and know it shall be given:
The Realm of Souls blessing driven
Warmth of love without condition
You will receive All Souls remission.
© David Tenneson 2013.


About David

Devonian writer
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