Following Beginning 2.
There are many gifts given to humans.
And we have already spoken of the greatest gift of consciousness, the gift that came by Divine will of the Logos from the stars. Not star dust, as some might have presumed, but from another star than our own, from another planet than our own, from another race than our own whose presence here on Planet Earth is only now at last being recognised, difficult to find having left no record and no remains.

It occurs that these Beginnings may require something more than the usual viewing and you may wish to turn your view around to look in the opposite direction that would take your sight away from the page, for a moment, and into your own heart for clarification.

In doing so you will find the four chambers opening up for you to expose the secrets that lie within. Some will find this easier than others since they already hold a close relationship with our, oh so ancient benefactors, bearing in mind that relationships never die and many even stretch across the eons of time and space, and the time involved here could be from tens to hundreds of thousands of our Earth years.

With that little exercise over, I have to point out that some of the gifts stand out like beacons in the void and we often honour those who seem of their own will to show them as if they were their own, when in fact they, least of all for themselves, realise that the gift comes from elsewhere than their own minds.

Many of the gifts are no more than just an ability to concentrate in such a way as to link with Universal Consciousness and come up with a Theory of Relativity. Some are the gift of healing that takes on many different forms and is not seen as anything in particular and therefore not worthy of merit nor of accolade. This is why it is impossible to determine the individual gifts and treasures that lie hidden with the chambers of the heart by anyone else but you.

Just to hover over healing for a moment: If we lived our lives according to the Divine guidelines inscribed on our hearts there would be little need for healing but since we think we know better and since we are so diverse it takes each individual to search the secret chambers to come up with their own unique gift or gifts, which could be the gift of listening or the gift of being an eye or heart surgeon or many more.

Impossible for anyone else to find except that is for maybe a medium or the individual him or her-self to determine just as it would be impossible to decipher a dream by anyone else other than the dreamer.

It is at this point that I have to say, ‘you know who you are’. There are those of us who imagine that we are no good at anything and others who have such a mundane opinion of themselves and ability that they would never dream of calling it a gift. Are you a good listener? There you are, the most important gift on the road to healing! Firstly listen to yourself to help you to listen to others.

You don’t have to be a Mozart or an Einstein to be called gifted. In the beginning we had no such gifts, before we even knew what time was, we had other gifts which were mainly due to the business of survival, but it was not until in the mists of time and space that the meeting of minds brought us the most precious gift of consciousness and raised us from Sub-human with animal consciousness linked to a group soul to Conscious Human state of individual Soul Consciousness.

Some of the problems that we as humans are still plagued with now are leftovers from the Sub-human state such as the sweet tooth and the need to have as many sexual partners as possible, the latter as we know many of our powerful leaders have a hard time dealing with in this modern world, and that goes from third world to the most sophisticated societies across the globe.

Since the beginning we have not learnt much, except how to ravage the earth and deplete her to the point where weather patterns cause devastation year after year, and very soon there will be nothing left for us to live on if we stay on this same track that does not feed the world just the pockets of the rich.

Unless we change our ways the beginning will continue to haunt us!
It calls for a New Beginning, in fact like the opposite view we spoke of before where we looked into our own hearts. Instead of patenting everything in sight including every plant, seed and human gene, we need to return to the old ways of tilling once, saving our own seeds, and of saving ourselves in that essential process of reinvigoration. So my friends I ask you to begin again with Hanukah.
If interested I recommend you Google:
Now that you have seen what others are doing I am sure you are surprised.
The New Beginning will involve, for all of us, to turn round and look into the past taking the best to take mankind forward for the highest interest and good of all.


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