Following Beginning 1.
There are many treasures given to man.
The greatest it is argued must be the gift of consciousness, allowing the Soul to witness its journey within the host of mankind and the second of course has to be the schoolroom of Earth itself.

However, erroneously we were told that we were given dominion over the Earth and this was interpreted that every animal, tree and insect – in fact all life was deemed to be subjugated and under the will of man to do with as he pleased.

But at no time has mankind or kind man tried to understand the treasures of the Earth, of its flora and fauna without killing it and dissecting it first to find out, in man’s ignorance, what makes it tick. And it goes without saying that the same would apply to any chance meeting with any of our so called Alien cousins, despite what we owe them from the remote past.

At no time in my knowledge or understanding, knowing as we do now that our expectation can alter the outcome of just about everything from the atomic level up and that includes consciousness, has man tried consciously to understand any other life form on the Earth or elsewhere for that matter.

We were also told that the man Moses was given two tablets containing the ten carved commandments which have since been depicted as oblong pieces of stone. Whose content were the words of God that mankind should obey. I believe that the image of the tablets of stone, shown originally for the understanding of the uneducated people of the time is entirely wrong.

For a start as we all know the Commandments are ignored by the majority of the world’s population, except perhaps on the days when they attend their church, temple or synagogue and for me the words are not so much commandments or commands as guidelines for us to follow in order to live a life of love, peace and tranquillity. And perhaps therefore you can see the guides more as the words of conscience.

As to the shape of the tablets, again I see them as heart shaped formed from two teardrops which when placed together to form four chambers full of secret treasures which fit beautifully with the physical features of the human heart. In truth the guidelines were placed on our human hearts as second by second guides to help us to distinguish between right and wrong, which would lead us on our pathways towards our highest good. For does not the heart, the seat of love and emotion often bring us to tears of pain, joy or happiness?

The Quiet Quest which we are requested to follow is twofold: the first is to look within to find the secrets hidden under the guise of guidelines within the four chambers of the heart. Once found and understood, the second part is to look without and to link with and understand through the secret use of consciousness the many kingdoms within which we live and have our being. To respect them, love them and join with them on all the levels of consciousness.

The greatest Kingdom of all which so many say is still to come, being the unseen, unfelt, unheard, un-tasted or perfumed that reveals itself on the outside by seeking for it on the inside, is in fact already here with us.

And so we come to the image which we are supposed to be made in, as a replica of the Divine Logos. But it is an image that cannot be seen despite what you may marvel at on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. So what image are we?

I will give you a clue: The image appears to those who are willing to look and to see between the words that you read upon this electronic page. This, believe it or not is one of the many treasures hidden within one of the four chambers of the heart.

It is said that we are formed of star dust and of the elements of the Earth itself. If we look closely at the elements that make up the molecules of the human body we will indeed find those same elements of earth, but as far as the star dust is concerned it would depend on which planet we were born as to the elements that made us and in which physical format we decided to evolve.

But my feeling is that we were in fact born of a dark void beyond the reach of any human sight which is why the true image is hidden from us. However with patience we will find our true origin for when passing from this life we return albeit briefly to the darkness in our true form and become aware that the darkness as in fact a realm of light, but again beyond the frequency span of the visible spectrum of human sight, which we currently enjoy.
Enjoy this journey into the unknown.
With Love, Hanukah


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