What do imagine was going through the mind of the Good Samaritan as he crossed the road to see if he could help the one who had fallen? What is the primary thought of a First Aider, a Triage Nurse or an Emergency Ward Doctor?

If memory of my time as a Health and Safety Manager in business and a Healer in a Healing Federation serves me well, when I had to keep my First Aid Certificate up to date every 2 years, all of us were concentrating first and foremost on how to preserve life using the common mnemonic of ABC standing for Airway, Breathing and Circulation, before treating any less life threatening injuries.

However, there was one very odd, at least to me, situation though, when after queuing in the early morning freezing cold at the doctor’s surgery I collapsed. Luckily, although the entrance was not yet opened at 08.30, the reception staff saw me slumped on the ground and brought me inside whereupon I promptly fell to the floor unconscious. No one in the Doctor’s surgery could help me, not even the nurse, which I found strange, and they had to call for an ambulance! After bringing me round I was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia.

The even stranger thing was that the source could not be found even after multiple tests, then and weeks later when they called me back for more. (We always seem to confound medical science in our family). But originally when declared fit enough to return home, I was taking it easy and went for a quiet lunch and a stroll round my favourite garden centre, that was like a mini mall, with lots of little stalls selling things like china, candles and crystals when a friend who was running one of the stalls looked at me and said, ‘you don’t look well’.

I explained what had happened as she placed her hand over my heart and said, ‘no wonder they couldn’t find anything, it’s not in your lungs, it’s your heart’. I was amazed as she continued, ‘this is something that happened when you were two years old and it had to do with your father and it seems as if you have taken on some kind of guilt’.

Well, this was the moment in World War II in 1942 when my father and mother parted and it seems now as if I blamed myself. You might think how odd that it took so long for the guilt to surface and cause such a traumatic event for me some 50 years later. Actually not so odd as I had not long begun to carry out some essential spring cleaning of the brain box and clear the consciousness of the clutter that had accumulated over those 50 years!

All of us who try to help others, in whatever way, should not have our minds set on the problem, but on how best to help, in other words on the remedy. It is sad in a way, that the allopathic method allows for the treatment of just the symptoms and not the cause. You can see from the above how the scenario I outlined would have saved time resources and energy, correctly to find the right remedy if we all had our ‘wits’ about us.

If you want to be of help your whole being is abuzz to find out how best to be of assistance and positive energy flows through every fibre and fabric of yourself. If you just look at the problem you are in danger of deciding that the remedy is beyond you and therefore think only negative thoughts, but think how much more effective we could all be if we had retained our psychic abilities just like my friend who had diagnosed the correct cause. Thank goodness healers are now permitted to work with doctors in some areas of the NHS and doctors surgeries.

Once I knew what had been that albeit ancient reason it fitted so well with others, like feeling that I had been abandoned as a child, that I was able to continue with the spring cleaning in a more positive frame of mind and allow the assistance that I wanted to bring to others, also to help myself as well.

I can recommend this process especially for those of us who may find feelings from our past so difficult to deal with, to expunge them from our concerns and to see them for what they really are. No one is that keen on spring cleaning, but if you can bring yourself to follow this difficult path to clear the head in this way it is well worth the effort.

If you are truly set on your Quiet Quest to find happiness, which I believe is a level of the consciousness, then this is your pathway too. Anything worth having involves some work and don’t forget that whatever form that work takes it is an act of Divine Service and the element of the Divine that exists within, the Soul, will relish a good clean home to witness all that you experience together both within and without. Be Happy with Hanukah


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