“Come into my parlour”, said the spider to the fly!
“Pretty in the morning dew, like diamonds in the sky,
You will follow in the footsteps of many a martyred guy.

Remember that your cause is the highest cause there be,
Ridding the world of hunger and of lax lays, listen to me
What more could you ask from this way you’re blind to see.

You may be lost in your present unstructured life
But you must see the world, with other men’s ideas is rife
You have a quest, to learn to use a rifle, bomb and knife.

Fear not, that you cannot do the task of you that’s asked
Through prayer and practice, but most of all through fast
You can rise above the ordinary men and women at last.

I can even teach you how to use the tools you’re given
Even though you see a world that is forever riven
Give me just a moment of your time at morn or even.

Rewards are the highest, higher than the diamonds or gold
In fact, I have to say, the very highest accolade of old
If you give Yourself, the most precious gift, I’m told.

And in return you’ll have a place to be, of the brightest light
Among the angels, gone before, all pure, clear and bright,
Sitting at the feet of the Divine One, on the side of right.

At the same time, here on Earth, your name is praised,
Your whole family and your village status raised.
The rest of the world though, through fear, is crazed!”

How do they brainwash the young to misinterpret books,
And blow the rest of us to bits despite our faith or looks?
No Happiness in this, just Hope with Hanukah’s hooks.
© David Tenneson 2013.


About David

Devonian writer
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