Wisdom – the quality of using knowledge wisely could also be expressed as allowing your intellect which is synonymous with mind and spirit to be guided from within. And here we verge on the passage of the psychic stream that is the continuous flow of knowledge and wisdom, which over the centuries has been blocked by the human race. Let’s face it! It would also be against just about every religion on the face of the Earth today and given other names such as heresy, for us even to contemplate a direct connection with Divinity!

In our many posts on HPT we have explored the kind of meditative state that a runner reaches having passed through the pain barrier and then as with other pursuits she or he runs or walks on what we could call autopilot. Or as many would profess the moments of quiet where the mind is in the mode initially of concentration on one particular aspect of thought, say in your morning HPT before the rest of the world wakes!

But in those precious moments, hence the title: ‘Highly Precious Time’ we open ourselves to the triumvirate or Trinity of Soul, Spirit and Body and we allow the psychic stream to have full reign giving the Soul its rare opportunity to express, from its place of passive peace, all aspects of the Divine Plan for the benefit of the Spirit and the Body.

There is only one consequence of this amazing meeting which allows the alteration of the Consciousness, to fall not only in line with the Plan, but also to accept the Stream of information and also to give access to the Law of Attraction, to match your own vibratory message that you are sending out to the world and to the Universe. Continuously!

Just to give a small example: If you start your day with a sad and sour face what sort of people do you think you attract to yourself during your day? And conversely a happy, smiling and joyful face will, there is no doubt, receive a reflection of the same. Try smiling at everyone you meet. You’ll see!

The Trinity allows you to realize and not resist your inherent wisdom for your own and the benefit of others around you. You don’t have to go on a retreat like us for ten years or sit in a cave and meditate for a similar time because you are born with it! So recognize it, allow it and use it. Like all things use improves the gift through exercise!

We can be devoted to so many things, activities and people, sometimes wisely and at other times unwisely. Use of your own inner wisdom will put you on the right path here in life on Earth. Devotion to the Lord by whatever name for me is a prerequisite to just about everything and I would willingly join others in their worship of the Divine by any name. But …

How strange that one government, that shall remain nameless, is passing a law to prevent Christians from using the name Allah! As if it were the sole patented right of the Moslems in their country. Of course they are afraid that by the use of the name the Christians will try to convert others to their religion. You have to understand that Islam is not just one of many, it is the National religion! As usual fear drives the ignorant. I should quickly say that having been brought up to be a Christian I do not now profess, or is it confess, to be one. Certainly the Divine Logos does not in the least mind what name I or we use! As Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?”

And another thing that may not be patently obvious: We are surrounded by the most beautiful wild fennel in full golden bloom at the moment but Monsanto has patented the flower, known to be a ‘cure all’ for centuries across the globe so if we use it we could be breaking the law and subject to prosecution! Having patented human genes where will it go next? Rain or water in general, essential for all life?

But I digress, I do confess that I am devoted to the Logos, I am devoted to truth and to finding wisdom within the inner self. How about you? Where does your devotion lie?

By saying that I am devoted to the Logos I am therefore devoted to the Soul that is a part of the Logos and the guiding light within, but that as usual is all part of an unfolding story which we will no doubt explore together at a later date. For just a hint, the Trinity is able and in fact continuously is expanded.

If you are devoted say to happiness, and since I believe that happiness is a level of consciousness I encourage you to look within where true happiness lies. Certainly not from attachments! Although I confess, yes confess, to having inherited many! ‘Confession is good for the Soul’ What a strange expression! The Soul would certainly witness your confession but as to good, I think not. ‘Confession is good for the Spirit, synonymous with consciousness, mind and thought, now there’s a thing! Leading to feelings and beliefs? Oh! Yes.
You see how truth creeps in to all that is relevant, wise and the bringer of happiness. Join me in Happiness, Hanukah


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