Isn’t water just amazing, all life needs it in liquid form to exist and then there is ice, vapour, steam and I remember reading about the Heavy Water plant that we blew up in WWII to prevent the enemy from going nuclear and fairly recently we have found out about the uses of not H2O but H2O2, hydrogen peroxide and together with white vinegar you don’t need much else for cleansing the home! Except for a little Sacred Sage every now and then!

However according to: “The fourth phase of Water” by Gerald Pollack Ph. D.
(Beyond solid, liquid and vapour) …
Your body consists of over 99 percent water molecules, but the water in your cells is not regular water, but highly structured water with special properties.
He says there is a fourth phase of water, not H2O nor H2O2 but H3O2, and can be called living water. It’s more viscous, dense, and alkaline than regular water; has a negative charge, and can hold energy, much like a battery, and deliver energy too. And according to some has a memory too!

The key ingredient to create this highly structured water is light, i.e. electromagnetic energy, whether in the form of visible light, or infrared wavelengths, which we’re surrounded by all the time. One reason why infrared saunas make you feel so good is because your body’s cells are deeply penetrated by infrared energy, which builds and stores structured water. The same goes for light therapy, spending short sessions in the sun, and laser therapy.

Besides optimizing your drinking water by vortexing, you can help support your body’s negative charge by connecting to the Earth, which also has a negative charge. This is the basis of the earthing or grounding technique, you know, just like my favourite walking barefoot on the beach or in the park.

So now in addition to water crystals, solid water that floats, water that oxidizes and bleaches, it acts like a battery and is inspired by light, it quenches our thirst, cleanses our bodies and homes, is energized by light and has a memory all of its own. Wouldn’t you think we would take better care of it and save as much as possible?

There are glands within the head that are known little about albeit 99% water, (this number seems to vary depending on the publication) but which all are, if you like, inspired or enhanced by light like the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary. And there are two Chakras spaced apart that both become energized by light more than the others and in fact their associated senses need light of different kinds in order to perform their true functions, and of course I speak of the Solar Plexus that is to do with the element of fire or light, needed for Physical Sight and the Third Eye that is to do with Thought and Intuition.
(How about en-light-enment?)

We were warned by the line in the Noel Coward song, “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”, to never to go out in the middle of the day. But now it seems, with a greater understanding of the light that comes from the Sun at various times of the day, we are told that the rays of light between the hours of 10.00 am and 2.00 pm are the most beneficial for us, but just so long as we don’t lie there and bake ourselves like the Sunday roast but move within the rays, more like turning on a spit! So playing handball on the beach is more beneficial than lying like a fish on a slab! As well as getting exercise too!

Much as we love to be near water, especially to cool off! Outside of those hours the angle of the sun to the earth brings the more harmful rays which may cause harm if we spend too long in them. However, as we see the body benefits from light over quite a range of frequencies through the visible spectrum towards the infra red but the UV and Gammas are the ones to avoid or protect ourselves from and we should try to have X-rays in small doses and spaced out sessions if possible, and only if absolutely necessary.

Light of course comes under the general heading of electromagnetic radiation, some so subtle that our scientists are unable to see or measure as our Chakra system absorbs and emits theses subtle radiations constantly for the benefit of our endocrine system of glands, to allow our connection to and from the physical and the spiritual just so long as we permit the interchanges without our conscious interference and closing that so many are prone to do that can only inhibit the natural function of our hormonal system!

I look forward to the time when Mankind can accept that the natural water that comes from the heavens as beneficial, before humans make it acid rain, that the energies coming from the sun are of benefit so long as we do not abuse the gift and that the Universe is a beneficent benefactor of all life not to be feared but blessed in complete gratitude.

When you understand the nature of all things and can accept life as it is, being content and filled with gratitude, Happiness is not something to be searched for, bought or stolen, it just is. When we are content, accepting and filled with gratitude we are Happy in the present moment and there is a subtle change in our consciousness to the level of Happiness.
So raise a glass of pure Sun blest, vortexed water and …
Be Happy with Hanukah


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