This scribble is posted under the category of ILLUMINATION otherwise seen perhaps as a step on the way to ENLIGHTENMENT or viewed maybe as SEEING THE LIGHT.

In truth of course light itself is invisible and so the latter expression has other connotations that also concur with the formers, but if we follow the work of Newton and Goethe we have to agree that light is invisible. As light travels through space all you see is the black velvet background of infinity with an occasional light source such as a star as its light strikes matter in the form of say the moon, the earth or a speck of space dust. You cannot see it, hear it or touch it.

Some are afraid of the dark but in fact both the dark and the light are needed to show and to prove the relationship between the two that brings the true reality of all of the amazing colours of creation into manifestation, and I am not just talking about the seven colours of the major Chakras, the rainbow and all of its tones and shades.

Colours like the cyan blue and the magenta red that even now enhance our computer printers were hidden from Newton and only found when the poetic inspiration of Goethe enabled him to investigate that creative relationship in the interface between light and dark.

If you try to see the Tao there is nothing there, if you try to hear it you will hear nothing and you cannot touch it, if you try to describe it you will be lost for words, but if you use it then it is inexhaustible.

God is love.
Try describing love!
People have tried to see God but see nothing, they try to hear God but hear nothing, for against the experience or wishes of some God has no need of speech there are other ways and means to communicate!

Mankind has tried to prove that God exists or does not exist which is and has been proved by the finest minds to be impossible!

People are afraid of giving love because they see it as losing something, but Love is God and God is infinite and eternal and therefore Love is inexhaustible just like the Tao. When you can perceive God from this standpoint you can appreciate that Unconditional Love, which expects or looks for nothing in return, is easy to contemplate, since it is returned and replaced within you immediately it is given.

And because you have given something away that is so valuable you are enhanced and the immediate feeling within you of having given away such a treasure as God brings the greatest feeling of joy and happiness, as the Love and Joy of God fills you and every cell within you again instantly.

The more you live consciously with God allowing Him into your life, being conscious in every moment of the presence of God, the greater will be the essence of Godliness in everything that you do.

God does move in mysterious ways, there is no doubt, and when God moves in your life you will know it just as light illuminates that spec of dust.

It will appal many when I say that the time of the Great Gurus, Proper Parish Priests and Ascended Avatars that you could rely on and trust for truth and guidance is way past their sell by date, but it is my belief that the time has come to believe in yourself to consciously connect with the Divine alone in a personal way that will guide you to your true purpose on Earth.

In the knowledge that God is Love or as I prefer to say the Logos is Love and is the energy of that all consuming Love, with a capital ‘L’, there is nothing to fear and only Love and Joy, Harmony and Happiness to enjoy and rejoice in as every cell of your physical selves becomes illuminated with the Love of the Logos.

You are the most blessed and beautiful beings in the Universe if only you would give yourselves the chance, the tiniest chance, to believe in that one undeniable truth and become the illuminated sons and daughters of the Divine that you truly are.

If you are in the slightest doubt and I know there will be some amongst you who will still have questions, then think on this:
Within you is already a tiny spark of light and by recognising this fact you will allow God into your being that can do only one thing, and that is to further illuminate that spark until it becomes the beacon that you are destined to be.

The beacon brings you into the state given to others whose task was not to change or rule the world nor to illuminate, nor to be your saviour, but to show you the way to become illuminated, to show you the path by being your signpost so that you can become your own saviour and take up your true position as the Light of the World. Are you ready and Happy to take up your true position that life on Earth offers?
It’s up to you! And remember it’s not beyond you, it’s within you!
May you find the enlightenment you are destined to realise.
With Love and Happiness, Hanukah


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