There are thousands now of religions and cults many of which have proliferated in the USA, but those who have managed to hold on to their own minds without succumbing to the domination of a cult leader or the total submission to a written word not allowing themselves a natural and logical mind of their own, will no doubt permit themselves a more direct and personal connection to the Divine Logos.

If we are so unfortunate to feel so at a loss of self that we need to be under the control of another we will find it more than difficult to have an independent thought enabling ourselves to have a mind of our own. Almost impossible then for us even to contemplate the title of this piece, that our wellness could conceivably follow a certain mindset of our own.

It has long been my own belief that all things are possible with the Logos, but a belief in the Logos is a necessary starting point to achieve anything like a balanced life where well-being is the central factor in the knowledge that this is the overriding principle or directive from the Logos to us! The Quiet Quest as I call it.

At the same time the Logos gave us Free-will which means that we can deny anything and everything that the Logos has prepared, gifted and provided under the wrapping of Free-will. One of the ways we deny is to give our Free-will to someone else!

As a child not only did I feel abandoned, but I fabricated a condition that demanded attention from others to make me feel wanted and looked after, which I could turn on at will. How about that for a mindset? The problem in later life was to work out how to control such a mindset that seemed to have developed a will of its own and I was unaware of the reason why it turned itself on by itself with no conscious input from me!

It took a while and some essential analytical help, from my gifted partner admittedly in hindsight, to realise the often minute mind changes that precipitated the condition which took away my wellness and left me in acute pain and my inability to move.

Luckily this has all been down to me, as I have no cult leader to blame or ask for help, and through my own intuitive mindset I was able to look within to find my own remedy, as I say with a little help from my friend!

It is therefore with some intimate knowledge and experience that I can speak with confidence about the need for us all to develop a mindset that enables us to stay on or return to the Quiet Quest for wellness.

As a regular reader you may recall the HPT (Highly Precious Time) of meditation when we are able to call together the Inner Trinity which ensures that we are in fact on the path, the quest, call it what you will towards wellness.

Going through an extremely difficult time for the past few years has led to a similar condition to the childhood set of crises which through meetings of the Trinity have managed to reduce but I admit are still with me on occasions as the time of difficulty is not at an end, but I will pass on again my experience for you to use at your own discretion.

You will know that the Soul, being the passive witness, cannot directly speak and neither can the Body of its own accord. The Spirit is synonymous with Mind and Consciousness, which enables us to communicate and also does so through the body itself, as many of us will be able to attest.

When all three: The Soul, Spirit and Body = our Inner Trinity, are brought together in HPT, a unique communication takes place that can change the Mindset and address Bodily concerns according to the Soul Set-ups that may otherwise be hidden, leading to a harmonious blend of energies for all three.

Otherwise, if you are not aware it is perfectly possible for the Soul to set the course but then have no further input and the Spirit due to outside influences may try to go its own way, against the plan, and manifest its dissatisfaction through the Body. Ouch!

It is through denial of one sort or another that wellness is denied and again I speak from experience for it is only through the change in the mindset to reverse denial to acceptance that wellness can be returned to the whole self. You may recognise now how treating the body is all about treating the mind.

Many do not believe in the phrase, “Mind over Matter” but I can tell you that nothing could be more true! May Love and Wellness fill your Being as you go quietly about your Quest, Hanukah


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