As you may know from India has come the belief that by rigorous religious practice, including the reciting of the name of the Lord, there is a chance for liberation from the cycle of birth and death. If followers are finding it difficult it is recommended that so too the balm of faith, holy thoughts and holy company will help on the narrow path, as Sai Baba would say.

I believe that practice for that sole reward will not provide the desired result and only true faithful practice will be of any help. However neither do I believe that the cycle can be broken by the practice or otherwise during one life time, since lives are dependent on so many factors concerning the growth of the Soul, which admittedly depends not only on all lifetimes, but other factors too that we cannot even begin to contemplate. However it does encourage the faithful to stick to their practice!

The term Holy Company conjures other images in my mind:
Since I believe there is too much emphasis on the spiritual aspect of the Ascension process, which not a lot of us understand and my intuition pulls me repeatedly back down to Earth, to a more physical and every day event filled existence and natural Ascension process, that has already been in progress for thousands of years.

I do not deny the call for Holy Company, but it does not include those in skull caps, mitres or triple crowns, various vestments and black or pink frocks that in my experience leave a lot to be desired in the way of holiness, where personal agendas seem to take precedence if not actual politics that in my view have no place in such a company. But strip them of their uniforms and they belong!

Oddly, however, we still tend to place them on pedestals when in truth they are the same as us, with perhaps the only marvellous difference being a little time spent in a seminary of sorts. In my view the Lords Spiritual should never have been admitted to the upper house of the corridors of power in England, but left to congregate in their own cloisters. But then historically Kings and Priests need to look after each other do they not? They have even become one and the same and also aspired to godhood! Wisdom which one would assume was a prerequisite to govern is patently in short supply in all governing bodies, so it seems.

Strangely, I guess because of the many hours spent singing in choirs in my youth, I still find peace in prayer in a Church whether alone or in the midst of a service. Of course before, or concurrently, in a past life spent in a habit I can walk the aisles or cloisters in silent meditation, in the corridors of a church of any denomination, where I feel at one on the one level of my Holy Company perhaps more so in the peace of such a place but knowing they are there with me constantly.

In fact I veer towards the Gnostic philosophy of a personal connection with the Almighty, God, Father, Allah or the Lord Logos as I prefer. So my idea of a Holy Company exists on two or more levels. Those who minister to us and have dedicated themselves to our guidance and well-being from the world of Spirit, and those here on this planet Earth, hopefully but equally committed.

I cannot speak for those unseen Lords of Light but when I look at my family members, my friends and acquaintances close to me I see something more than just a physical appearance. I see a group of human beings all blessed with a common Divine secret I call Soul and also individual and often very different gifts. I was not gifted from an early age that some will claim with clairvoyance or the ability to see and read auras etc. I suppose you could say that my gifts have been either earned, learned or I have been taught to recognise and accept them throughout a long life.

The thing is though that I recognise the gifts in others that make them an integral part of my Holy Company, so not only those mentioned above but every human being is a member not by subscription or reward but by default! I may not agree with them or what they do, or they with me, but nevertheless what they are is what makes them a part of my Holy Company.

You know it is said that a prophet is seldom accepted in his own country except without a considerable fight as in the case of the Prophet Mohammad, Lord bless his name, and look what happened to Jesus by his own people. There is perhaps one who subscribes to one element of my philosophy in my blood family and some diametrically opposed. Not that I set myself up as a prophet, however that does not preclude them from the Role of Honour of the Holy Ones of which like it or not they and you are included.

I hope that you can have some idea of the amazing happiness that it gives me to feel that even though we have not and may not ever see or speak to one another in this life, my feeling of connectedness and love for you all is boundless. You see: what you do is entirely your affair but what you are is mine and I love you for what you are.
Be in peace, love and know happiness with Hanukah.
PS. I wish with all my heart that every human being could feel about every other human the way I feel about you.


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  1. cat says:

    Here I am again … agnostic to the bone … drawn to your writings nonetheless .. wizard, that you are … blessed be … Love, cat. PS: Just returned from Cuba … mmmh, lovely country … have you been?


    • Never been to Cuba but after seeing the beautiful people who went free of charge to refurbish all their pianos always wanted to go. Like the title Wizard … Fan of Lord of the rings and told the other day by a shop assistant that I look like Gandalf!! Hair a bit longer then. Love as always David


  2. “PS. I wish with all my heart that every human being could feel about every other human the way I feel about you.”

    If we all could do just that, what a peaceful world this would be… And Likewise David….
    Love and Blessings


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