After ‘Good or Bad’ it seemed logical to investigate indifference!
What would be your image of an ideal parent? Don’t all rush for the pen at once because there must be at least a million different answers!

We all have our own childhood, adolescence etc., to draw upon and many even in this day and age are either sold as an infant, or left to die as we were born the wrong sex, made orphans due to war or catastrophe or forced to work from the age of six or seven for any number of reasons. At the time we knew no different experience to compare and as there was nothing else we accepted life as it was, even when it descended into abuse as it often does in its many awful, painful faces.

So when it comes to that image we are looking for it may be something that is perhaps totally beyond our comprehension and we have to rely on imagination. When taking a cold hard look at the kind of Soul set-ups that are prepared for us to give the kind of Soul growth required in any particular lifetime, it requires the mind of a Stoic to see reason behind what some of us have to go through.

So whatever it was that say a previous life experience predetermined for us through Karma, or difficult choice by ourselves or our betters in that or this life, when on the spiritual path and trying to maintain that mental attitude of bliss, whether in joyful experience or dreadful pain and devastation, it is difficult to find or feel love of any kind filtering through the anguish that tends to fill the corridors of consciousness.

I wonder what Father figure you have in mind now?
The one who recognises, as in the last post, that there is no good or bad only difference, even a One who is fully aware of the necessary Souls set-ups required to bring our essential Self to the next rung of the ladder of Ascension.

The image of the One that I have in mind is the epitome of Love, not just love, but let’s call it Unconditional Love, a concept that is difficult for us humans to conceive because we always expect something in return, and when we do so much for someone and they do nothing in return we get a bit upset to say the least, and at worst will even consider severing a relationship however close or tenuous our connection.

There are very few of the calibre of a Mother Teresa who give of themselves totally to anyone in need, and those in need who she tended were the ones who were the most sick of the most dreadful diseases and conditions that we can contemplate.

When we can give ourselves to others in this way we come close to the concept of Unconditional Love, but the ultimate stems from my image of the One. The Father who sees ‘all that is’ for everyone of us on Earth, all that we are destined to go through knowing that the plan set out on the pathway for each of us is for our highest good, and in His Ineffable Love, to which there is no equal, allows it all to happen and to take its inevitable course, wherever it may lead.

There are those amongst us who would look at such a scenario and think to themselves, ‘How callous’, because we know that we would rush in to help and not let anyone get even close to making a mistake or hurting themselves.
This my friends is where Unconditional Love can look like Indifference. Perhaps now when your prayers have seemingly gone unanswered you can appreciate Indifference.

Suffering of any kind upsets me, I can’t even watch certain movies and the news is quite enough to stomach, with tears always close, though at the same time I try not to be indifferent to another’s pain and naturally when first accepting the gift of healing I tried to help everyone and that of course being impossible is why I now work at a distance to requests.

I have two daughters and four grandchildren.
And with my old school motto of: ‘Manners Maketh Man’ I made the mistake of trying to impose the behavioural values, at the table, I had given to my daughters to a granddaughter and was told that that was not their way! Now I step or sit back, just far enough to catch them should they fall, but far enough to let them all do their own thing and to behave as the new generation thinks fit.

Nevertheless my constant aim is to get as close as I can to Unconditional Love for everyone and at the same time try not to let my Indifference show too much!
May Blessings of Unconditional Love and its understanding come your way, with Love, Hanukah


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