There is a strange dichotomy in the focussing ability of us humans, most times we get so close to our subject that we are just too involved in the nitty-gritty and we can’t relax our focus to step back far enough to see the bigger picture. I suffer from this in a chronic way with almost a single track mind and once written I forget it, whereas him upstairs runs on many tracks at once and remembers everything. I think he must be blessed by the memory of an elephant and as he sees from a height and clears hazards ahead, just like an elephant does when moving through the jungle, he must be blessed by Ganesha!

Other times like the classic example of the guy who was not so good at mathematics and mediocre at physics, who couldn’t even get a job as a middle school physics teacher, but went on to formulate the Theory of Relativity, called Einstein, who through such a concentrated focus was able to connect to Universal Consciousness and produce such a revolutionary and complex theory and an even simpler equation: E=MC2 to benefit us all – I think!

However, when we get too close to something with our limited brain power it’s not that we are daft or deficient to the point of being a sandwich short of a picnic or that our mental processes were off on another jaunt at the time and not able to focus on the job at hand, this also applies to those simple things of life besides the elevated conundrums of quantum physics, and it’s just that we have forgotten how to step back to a point of balance where we can see things as they truly are.

Take the fault of the flat Earth for example: at the time we only had a limited amount of information and it was an easier position to take that the world was flat and the Sun revolved around the Earth, because that’s all we knew at the time. Had we proposed what we know today we would have been clapped in irons and then burnt at the stake for shear heresy. By the church you understand! Why else did Nostradamus write in mirror coded quatrains?

I have often mooted the point that our Earth Science will never be complete until Love, with a capital ‘L’, is incorporated to bring it into line with Spiritual Science. Let’s face it dear Albert got part way there, a pity he didn’t stick with it for a little longer and his peers and students didn’t learn the same techniques of tuning in to the same Source.

Does that also mean that we can get too close to the waves or particles so that we miss what they really are? What truly worries me is the way we have denied the pathway to connect with God and decided to try to play Him instead and to re-engineer the basic patterns of life for plants, trees, animals and soon, if not already, humans as well. Already the likes of Monsanto have proved that once you tamper with the natural programs of life, far from enhancement you may cure one thing but invite many other disasters, a bit like the blockbuster pills prescribed by our well meaning doctors.

There was one enhancement done in the remote past when we were sufficiently evolved to accept the addition to the Divine spiral bringing the possibility of what we now refer to as Christ Consciousness to the human race. But this was carried out at the behest of the Divine and with full appreciation of the consequences which were only for the good of mankind and by an agency sufficiently advanced for there to be no adverse side effects.

Some of us believe that what we see is all an illusion while others try so hard to make sense of what we term reality, but I believe that often we get so close to the picture that all we see is brushstrokes and miss the true Glory of the picture of Creation which we are here to enjoy, to rejoice in and become so happy with our lot that we leave trails of that same Glory everywhere we go.

One day, instead of believing that the Universe is space that goes on forever in all directions, it could be that in reality it is like a flat sheet of paper that can be bent for the outer edges to touch so that we can easily traverse it across a short distance in an equally short space of time!

Why can’t we be content? Do we get too close or is it a question of balance at just the right distance? Knowing that the Divine is forever just within reach!
Love, Hanukah


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