Many moons ago I was accused by a prominent medium who always saw herself as being hard done by as being selfish. I did all I could to promote her own version of mediumship, messaging and meditation en masse by designing and printing leaflets and literatures and all that she needed to launch herself and her partner’s own way at my own expense.
But that was apparently not enough!

The fact that I lived alone and did not share my life with anyone else was against her idea of love and sharing. I worked voluntarily as secretary, organist, vice president, healer and general factotum for the church which was not good enough either. So this begs the question: How do you define such things as wealth, selflessness, happiness, compassion etc., seen by others often as quite the opposite to one’s own ideas?

Now this is going to sound like self justification, but we brought the children up through relatively easy and also difficult times to understand that when times were good we were fine but when times became hard it was understood that we had to tighten our belts so as not to put the whole family in jeopardy, just as at work we all had to take a 10% cut in salary for us all to stay in a job, but we were so lucky to have help from our friends in those very difficult times of twin redundancies!

So looking just a little above the physical level to what we might call the prime directive where the quest is happiness, where does what other people think and how they define our behaviour come into the equation?
In fact is it any of their business?

Oh! Dangerous stuff this, because if what others think or do is of no concern of yours then what you do is no concern of theirs. When we approach the level of consciousness which I call happiness it is on a par with the same feeling in whatever state we find ourselves where bliss is the only legitimate feeling. Isn’t it?

In other words whether we feel personal pain or joy, compassion for another, the need to do something or the need to do nothing some would say we are still selfish however blissful we may feel!

I have spent most of my life, like many others I know, being concerned with what others think of me mostly because of what accusations were levelled at me in my early childhood through to my teenage years, but I have loved growing old, not because others do things for me but because I have been able to prove all my detractors and accusers wrong and enjoyed the journey of becoming self sufficient, even to the point of being accused of being selfish when in my book I knew I was quite the reverse.

When I found a partner late in life I realised that he was more concerned about me and my state of health than I was about myself despite us both being healers concerned more about others. In fact I was so unconcerned about me that I had become absent minded, accident prone and almost ambivalent about well-being as sheer happiness took over. In fact you could say that on one level he is my happiness as we both gaze in rapture in the same direction towards the future.

So where is our wealth?
Contrary to popular opinion we know that the one does not buy the other, it’s doubtful whether it even helps and certainly the one often demands more of the same with the responsibilities that go with the accumulated attachments of wealth.

Our wealth is in our togetherness, in our common goal to be of service to each other and to others, in family and community – the latter two continually merging into the One. You must have guessed that this is also where our happiness lies.
With Love, Hanukah


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2 Responses to WEALTH or HAPPINESS

  1. You have True Wealth David….Its in your heart and the selfless love you devote to your partner, your family and mankind.



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