Life is a blessed gift and therefore to me every day is a blessed happy day!
You may be bored with me saying that I live in Paradise, but then anywhere I live is Paradise and for that matter anywhere I live is home. But can I cheat just a little today? Because we have been praying for rain and, apart from a vicious hail storm a few days ago, today is the first gentle rain, that the garden and the countryside so urgently needed, has come our way. Oh! Happy Day!

Being Autumn there is much to do and I was all set to go out and do my bit and as I set foot outside the door a coolness, unknown through the heat of a dry Spanish Summer, kissed my face and I felt a beautiful blessing, and that was even before I went beyond the edge of the veranda to feel the cool, invisible soft drops on my face.

Pushkin our Siamese came hurrying inside with his grumble at high volume as usual but loved to have his rub down with the towel and now reclines in majesty on the couch. Amazingly he seems to be able to smell the rain and knows when it is safe to go out again to his beloved mountain covered with rosemary, thyme and pines, not to mention vines and orchards of almonds and olives. Did I say this was Paradise? I’m sure he certainly thinks so!

More than a careful eye is kept on the weather forecast as harvests need to be gathered in on fairly solid ground that by tradition is ploughed, to keep it weed free, (contrary to my current way of thinking along permaculture lines and furrows, like tilling just the once and then let nature take her course) but if not watched can therefore end up like a quagmire if traversed at the wrong soggy time.

But that applies more to the farmers next door who employ the guy with the special machine that spreads its arms like a huge umbrella gives a shake and all the almonds drop into the catchment cloth. Clever clogs and so quick! We on the other hand do everything by hand collecting at our leisure as each tree’s fruits ripen and luckily they are all in sequence so not such a big deal.

Autumn and harvest time is the Happy Day time for us all with stuff to harvest and to gather, but here in Spain the seasons seem to be sent awry, I suppose the fruits like apples and pears that we grow are not the commercial crops that give the locals their happiest days, but to us anything that grows gives us great pleasure … more gifts coming our way from the Earth with just a little help from ourselves. Happy Days!

We are looking forward to a different sowing and harvesting schedule in a cooler climate when we set foot on Devon that happens to rhyme with Heaven but we will not mind substituting Paradise for Heaven knowing that Nirvana has existed all along in Heaven, and we shall be there before anyone else to pave the way!

But even if our place is within or far from the madding crowd, whatever we can afford, and be close to those who need our help will suit us very well, just so long as our true purpose is fulfilled and no doubt these pages will be filled with slightly different verses that our son in law will have been able to rid of all the maddening bugs that plague the penning of the phrases. Nothing to complain about, just to become used to until that blessed Happy Day dawns!

This looking forward and desiring simply allows the universal urge to flow and project the desire into the true purpose as it fills with Divine Energy every Happy Day. Be Happy with Hanukah


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2 Responses to Oh! HAPPY DAY

  1. Busy harvesting here too David, and arrrh would love those Spanish Autumn days 🙂 … Thank you so much too for that lettuce tip for the caterpillars 🙂 xox


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