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I thought this would be a bit too long for a comment in view of the many other comments of all persuasions, and since there were few men I decided to give a somewhat alternative view, although it would have been good to know who ‘Adopting James’ is: (Choices: Andrew, Sarabeth, Crystal … I am confused!)

However, here goes.
Brought up as a Christian I am a father of two and grandfather of four and as a family we have had our share of traumas to do with the clan’s losses and gains, but I have to say that my first reaction to your post was that you were absolutely right. I say this not because of anything written in a book, preached from a pulpit or passed into law of whatever kind, but by looking inside my heart where I know that the prime directive from the Divine is for you and every other human to follow your Quest for happiness.

In making that choice you obviously have to take everything into consideration concerning yourself, your family and your life that no one else could possibly know.

So that if keeping your embryo and allowed it to grow and develop into a child would have made you unbearably unhappy, and you decided not to, you certainly made the right choice. If folks want to place themselves into boxes, as pro-life, pro-choice or the sector of relativism, (Don’t know what that means) that is their affair, as was your experience your own affair following the dictate of your heart.

There is consummate confusion concerning the life of a child. Some consider that a child is a child at the time of conception others at the time of birth, but you will understand why I called it an embryo when I ask you the question, ‘what would be the point of a Soul entering an embryo or foetus that was not capable of sustaining life?’

There are a myriad number of ways that an embryo can be affected on its preliminary journey of up to nine months or sometimes a little more and I do not speak of conditions like ADHD, Autism, Down’s Syndrome or Polio for example where life could be lived for some time, no not those, but situations that would preclude life for a host of other reasons.

There are so many dates, and each is different for each mother to be, when it comes to determining the TIME of birth. We all know how mum hardly ever agrees with the doctor or mid-wife and the baby can arrive before, during or after, but I have to say in its own TIME, whether naturally, C- section or as Macbeth found out, ‘untimely ripped’. However what I would uphold, come what may, is the choice of that ‘mother to be’ to choose for her own sake.

There are sensible reasons why the professionals stipulate that an abortion should only be carried out before a certain number of weeks and I suspect that it would be highly unlikely that life could be sustained after that time!

The time when life can be sustained can happen any time during the pregnancy after a certain number of weeks, is different for every mother and child, and the birth may be, as I say, by different methods and the times are not according to a book, chart or heart beat, but one thing is for sure and that is that the Soul, the only one who knows when that crucial moment arrives, is standing by and ready to take its place at the appointed time whenever that occurs.

Since time does not exist beyond the environment created by man, the MOMENT of NOW is the only moment of importance, when the element of the Divine enters the body of the child.

I believe that everything but everything up until that moment is open to the choice of the mother. May all mothers who find themselves pregnant by choice or by chance be blessed in their choices for their future Happiness.
Be Happy with Hanukah.


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