Lao Tzu talks of the Tao being hidden but always present.
Sai Baba speaks of the Sun, like the Divine, being always there in the sky, but so often hidden by the clouds of the sensory world.
We humans find it difficult to contemplate a Divinity that is forever present but hidden from our imperfect sight. The established religions will teach us that we are not supposed to see God, and those of us who see God in all things manifesting such glory in His creation, that few of us can perceive, we are then accused of being pantheists. Well, what’s in a name I’d be happy with that!

Sadly this is the fault of man-kind and I print that deliberately since woman–kind were, and to a large extent still are, dominated by the males who see the natural psychic nature of our communication links available to us as being too scary and hence too witchlike, female in fact, to be real and natural. When a man is accused of being a misogynist it wreaks of a fear of the power that was associated with the goddess cultures of the past, which were very much in evidence in the war years when the women were left to farm and rebuild and manage a country while the men were off getting shot and blown into oblivion. Sadly they let the men take over again!

Women to my mind are far more likely to be able to use the right side of the brain to expose the hidden Divine, which I believe is at the root of the problems that some men have with women, and there are still some men who have that left over mental problem which sadly is perpetuated in our imagined peace keeping role in the world that involves killing anyone else who does not conform to our way of thinking.

The recent reticence of representatives in parliaments around the world have given a glimmer of hope that the gun is not the answer and leads us to hope that our ability to speak different languages may be not the stopping point it was designed to be, but if used correctly with our ability to translate could be our saving grace.

If used correctly this ability to communicate, which let’s face it is alive and well at street level, could if allowed to rise to the level of board rooms, governments and presidents might just prevent another world war as the Divine is allowed to show itself in the hearts and minds of our so called rulers.

A ruler in my day was an unbending rod with predetermined and unchangeable demarcations. Perhaps something a little more flexible is required in these troubled times like say a tape measure that is able to look round corners at other points of view.

When points of view are seen in light from a different direction perceptions change and what before lay hidden comes into the changing light of true understanding. Whether this is a change in human understanding or the intervention of Divine Light will be open to debate, but in all theatres of war and disagreement I pray for the hiding of the Divine to be allowed to show itself and that peace will reign once again.

We know that the Universe loves balance and that there is a balance struck between all the aspects of duality wherever they occur. And it is becoming increasingly obvious that in addition to the hiding of the Divine there are powers on this earth that are also hidden from our gaze, powers that have only their own interests at heart which are as far as possible from the highest good of the common man and therefore totally out of balance. There is only one end for these powers but unfortunately they will cause such destruction that all including they and also the common man and woman will suffer.

There is much talk about a growing feeling of, to put it lightly, a change in the air and a change for the better and the good to restore the much needed balance for mankind. This will not show on its own and will not be by Divine intervention, it can only come from mankind itself to reveal all that is hidden, the bad and the ugly and with any luck the Divine that we, yes we have been hiding for far too long. There is nothing magical in this change, since it is within the natural power of the human mind to exercise. You can train your mind to see the Divine in all things. Let it be so and let it be revealed.
With Clear Sight leading to Happiness, Hanukah


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2 Responses to HIDING THE DIVINE

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Thank you, dear David. Thank you again for such beautiful words of wisdom.

    Yes, it is unfortunate that we, humans or should I say men, have kept the Divine so well hidden.
    So well hidden that we have forgotten IT is there, within us. Like a treasure put away in a closet or in the attic when times we too good and we had no time to look at it, that’s what we did to the Divine. Of course, nowadays, when we feel the heat of a possible third world war .. we wonder how we can protect ourselves or whom we can call to help us. The Divine is not just a neighbour we lost touch of, IT is part of us and a few minutes of intense searching and IT will appear again in all ITS splendour. So, what are we waiting for ? Why not start the quest NOW ? Why procrastinate when the reward is so very great ?

    But men are made that way… they hope that they will not have to do the work .. someone else will make the Divine appear so they can use IT without being too involved in the search. Others who are more inclined can do the endeavour while they can still be laughed at when all danger is gone, and the Divine can be relegated to ITS vault.

    But Let it be so and let the Divine be revealed.
    May Clear Sight lead to Happiness,


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