Reading a lot recently about the beginning, which most scientists still regard as a Big Bang, though lately there is a query going round that maybe there was no Big Bang at all, in Universal terms I tend to think of it as the result of a most intelligent and Gentle Divine Thought coming into manifestation, which in our terms would have seemed tumultuous of course!

When I look back at the Eastern idea that One became Two became Three which became 10,000 things or Everything else if you like. My take on that concept would be, and not withstanding that the Tao was considered to be there before God by Lao Tzu, that of God became God and Thought; which became God, Thought and Ether; which was given the choice to become Matter or Non-matter; and in that choice was created Air; with Matter and Air becoming Fire, with its opposite of Water; and together all became Earth.

Each aspect of creation generated its own forms and associations from the microscopic, the miniscule to the cellular, plant, animal and mammal. What a history we have to draw on when delving deep within to find our true selves and yet we all tend to look for role models to see who we are like.

In my opinion: wrong move my friends for we are forgetting the fundamental fact that we are like no one else. Why? Because we are Unique! We might have similar cells but there the similarity ends since we all use them differently.

As we have seen, we can fool our minds and kid ourselves, but we can never fool our inner real selves that always remain the same whether we choose to acknowledge it, deny it or assume we are something entirely different, like someone else, to our true reality.

So you could say that we’ve hit rock bottom, if we’ve really found out who we really are, which I honestly doubt, everything and all else that we’ve assumed to date whether put there by others, assumed or denied by ourselves are merely beliefs which are totally changeable. Unfortunately what similarity we do have has enabled the powerful bankers and multi-corporations to treat us like slaves.

But on a more personal level: If like me you are not the child who believed he was abandoned and you are not the one who hid in churchyards among the graves where you knew no others would dare to follow. You are on the path to true realisation of who you are. Actually I still like graveyards but for entirely different reasons!

And although I still like to go to church on occasions I do not necessarily follow the total Creed and change the Lord’s Prayer to suit my own faith. Why should not that be Unique like the rest of me? For as I have said many times if it were ever proved that Jesus, who by the way was never known by that name but as Jeshua, had never lived I love the man as he is described to be and would still believe in his reported philosophy of love.

Like Richard Holloway, one time Bishop of Edinburgh whom I admire tremendously, I have my own vision of what Christ Consciousness really means to me. Christed coming from the Greek Kristos meaning Chosen, it is said that many are called but few are chosen, but I will let you into a secret that there are many who have been chosen, both in Form and in Spirit, many of whom exist, if that is the correct term, (See the Silent Watcher) and who we rely on for more than we could possibly know!

The still small voice inside is often referred to as the voice from within. When you are relaxed and able to recognise and remember the Gentle Thought and to translate it into the Gentle Voice which you may find in those Highly Precious Times of HPT, consider that same Gentle Thought as the same thought that brought into being this World, this Solar System, this Universe and most important of all brought the Divine Element that exists within you, your Soul into being, which is in fact a part of the Gentle Thought itself.

If you believe in Happiness: Let all your thoughts be gentle and all your words be soft, echoing the Gentle Thought within and laying the illuminated path blessed with love for others to tread. Hanukah


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  1. Annette Pateman says:

    Hi David. A good piece. I have two copies of the Tao Te Ching one by Martin Palmer and Jay Ramsay and another one, which I like best, by Stephen Mitchell who has translated many works. His wife Byron Katie has done a modern day version called ‘A thousand Names for Joy’ and I love her work as well. You can get her on Trust all is well with you. Love Annette x


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Bravo, David, bravo. I felt really moved by your post. Yes, indeed, the little Inner Voice is always gentle and it cries when our Mind decides to torture our Body.
    It takes great courage to listen to Wisdom and to let go of the noises around it.
    Let us hope that by sharing wisdom and love and light we will all be able to attain the knowledge of the Tao and understand what the Sage Lao Tzu has tried to make comprehensible for us, the common people.

    With much love and bright Light.



    • Thanks Eugene, I have felt for so long that there are words of wisdom in so many cultures that I feel like the picture of the Gleaners picking up the and listening to the ears of wheat heard, left behind by others. Love, David


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