Many Passions have paraded through the life of this Personality
The Mask worn in this incarnation may have slipped on occasion,
But the underlying makeup has never changed since memory began.
Call me a frustrated Thespian if your mean is to place us all in boxes,
But I can say in truth that I have tried to play my part and give my all
To each and teach every one of the Passions placed at my disposal.

It is reported that in each attempt I have ascended as far as I can,
Making full use of every opportunity that challenges present.
To hasten the hedge towards the hidden hint of Happiness,
We are told to follow, to find and foster. But what a challenge
When we assume responsibility not only for ourselves but for others!
That only tends to put our own Happiness onto a high back shelf. Or does it?

So, what is it that should be the ultimate:
The personal goal of goals?
Can we split infinitives with impunity,
Use double negatives with ease
Mis-spell at the whim of keyboard’s keys
For if the first and last letters are OK
Your brain will sort out my imperfections.
So all of that matters not one single jot
And even semantics fudge the main issues
Even through mis-leading mis-translations!

What is it then that is the final quest that we must all seek?
If you look through words of wisdom that flow freely
From other faiths and even from our own myths and legends,
You will come across translations into our familiar English.
Words like Graal, Grayle, Grail, Blood Line or Holy Blood
If you are of a certain disposition and upbringing on stories!

There is perhaps a hidden leaning towards the Spiritual,
The Angelic and the Godliness in all things. So what is that?
I call it Happiness, but others may use Bliss or Joy as their own ploy!
Whatever brings the essence which some may call Essene-ness
That has a familiarity and certain ring to it. Does it ring a bell with you?
No matter, so long as you are at the consciousness level of Happiness.

Much is mooted over the kind of kingdom that does or does not exist
In this world, that we’ve created in this society we call sophisticated.
We have poets galore and writers whose command of language is serene,
But for all their wonderful words where’s the compassion in all our hearts
Where the empathy to the starving, maimed and driven mad by war?
Yes, I believe the Kingdom is here, Nirvana is elsewhere, this is Paradise.

Wherever I live is Paradise and my Passion is a life of Happiness!
And Yours?
With Love, Hanukah in Paradise
© David Tenneson 2013.


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Devonian writer
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4 Responses to PASSION in PARADISE

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David,

    along with you I would like to tell the world that :
    ” I can say in truth that I have tried to play my part and give my all
    To each and teach every one of the Passions placed at my disposal.”

    Hopefully more opportunities will be offered when we can repeat this beautiful phrase and believe that we really were able to share with many all the Passions that were placed at our disposal.

    Lots of Love and more bright Sunshine I send you and to all the readers of your blog.



  2. Yes I agree David, we either make our own Paradise/Heaven here or our own Hell, depending on how we choose and how we think and perceive.. The choice lays within each of us would we understand that Happiness is not Out There but within …

    Wishing you a Peaceful weekend
    Blessings Sue 🙂


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