It seems to me that we are too prone to try to balance everything on the point of a needle with such heavy weights at either end of the scale that the slightest movement or judder can upset the balance in the wrong direction.

It’s not so much balance that we need to focus on but what we really want that needs our constant focus and attention, so that the scale is weighed absolutely in our favour.

The construct of the Universe itself is in near perfect balance. I say near-perfect because you see, I don’t like the concept of perfection that implies stasis, I prefer that everything is in a state of becoming into or approaching perfection which is an aspect of infinity that is never ever possible to reach. Nothing, you see, is ever done!

You know what this does? It brings into reality the certainty of the journey being the most fundamentally important part of any goal, aim or end result that by their very nature are solely the means by which our journeys comes into being, and their importance ends there, whereas the journeys are therefore the most important part of our learning exercises in this schoolroom of Earth. Exams? Nothing! I failed every exam I ever took and had to retake until I passed because you see I enjoy the journeys so much!

Within the Universe there is a counterpart of everything you could possible desire. As humans our greatest failing is that we tend not to believe in our desire, but to believe in the impossibility of anything happening in our favour and unwittingly concentrate on that unforeseen counterpart. Now you can see which part of the universal balance we are attracting to ourselves! Or can you? Often it is not that obvious and needs our careful attention to make sure that attention weighs the right side of the balance.

Do you think for one moment that the frame of mind that wanders into the opposing side will lead us to happiness? You should now be able to see how we are getting it wrong nearly if not every single time! Take care with your attempts at balance, concentrate on the side that brings you down on the side of happiness. Or when you look at children on the seesaw in the park the biggest smiles seem to be on those little faces highest in the sky, so perhaps it should be on the up side of happiness!

Remember the concept of the cork floating in the still pond that we spoke of in the preludes to our HPT meditation and just like the erroneous thought that you try to push away just gives it power to stay, the same as when you hit the cork it bobs back up with greater force? Well it’s exactly the same with the attention on the impossibility side of the balance that prevents you from having what you desire.

Because the universe holds within itself both sides of every coin and the opposites of every aspect of being, it is no wonder that we slip so easily into the opposite to what we want. I believe that there is a fundamental misconception that it is our own world and us in particular that are beings of duality since the universe itself holds those same opposites that are there for our allowance, acceptance and more importantly attraction.

Your happiness, joy or bliss, call it what you will deserves a little intelligent consideration which is why the Masters will judiciously only allow you to approach one new level of Ascension at a time, and one level per year sounds good to me, until you are familiar and competent at handling each new level with all its opposites, associations and implications rather than the sudden and unwise rush of the Kundalini which can bring mental problems, to put it mildly, and not the happiness and enlightenment that you may seek.

To repeat: nothing is ever done and if you were to consider that you had reached a level of enlightenment then you have not! In fact if you imagine that you are in meditation then you are not! You are always, always in a state of becoming, of approaching the holy grail of mergence.

Remembering that true happiness is in the journey itself, but do remember to take time to smell the roses on the way.
It may seem strange to say, but try to become at least a little selfish and look for what makes You happy! With a smile, Hanukah


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  1. “”Because the universe holds within itself both sides of every coin and the opposites of every aspect of being, it is no wonder that we slip so easily into the opposite to what we want. “”

    So very true David, we hear people constantly saying what they Do not want… and it almost becomes their mantra and they do not realise that this then is the focus of their intent… By the same token people say I want this and want that, and the universe gives them that also, for they will always be in that state of ‘Wanting’
    The Universe is in perfect balance… Its just Mankind who have forgotten how to sit evenly upon the sea-saw of life… attracting to it their fears rather than their dreams!

    Great Logic and insight David as all of your posts are….
    Blessings with love and Light
    Sue xox


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