When was the last time you looked up at my high vaults,
And when could you step down to my deeper vaults?
What life led you then, noble, peasant, monk or knight?
Was it in daytime or the shadow of the secret night
You were allowed to pass the gate keeper?
Whose face destined to be a soul reaper,
Who kept all at bay who did not pass the test
And only then let through the best of the best,
Or those able to pay my entrance fee
In silver, gold or honey from the bee!
After all, this is the House of God.

A place of love, beauty, awe and sweetness
Reputation was everything for my holiness.
Blessing the knights made this ready band
Bringing the pagans into our holy land.
Sending prayers to heavens goals
With frankincense on red hot coals
Was the daily task of my Abbot and his crew
With such a history which only they knew!
And buried deep beneath the now green aisles
Other Abbots, Kings and Nobles other’s smiles.
For after all, this is the house of God.

The many hoping of something they know not what
Tramp the sods searching for the legend, myth or not,
But something to make it real that their belief is true,
Giving credence to their hope of a mystical brew.
And as they look up for some angelic sign
They see nothing but clouds or blue sky when fine.
For my roof is gone, nothing to contain the smoke
Of incense, making the likelihood to choke
And prayers ascend unimpeded to the grace
Where they belong. Heard in their place.
For after all, the house of God is still within.
In Reverence, Hanukah
© David Tenneson 2013.


About David

Devonian writer
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3 Responses to GLASTONBURY

  1. beautiful David, You took me through the tunnels of time David and delivered me to that place of Peace.. Thank you
    Sue xox


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Yes David … I totally agree with you : For after all, the house of God is still within.

    and as long as we realize this we should always feel at Home. !!!

    Love and bright light to you and all the readers of this post.



  3. William Lambert says:

    Thanks very much David, well done! Have passed this one to our Glastonbury group. L&L, William


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