Easy to say, don’t push against the pricks! But when you know that the opposing opinion is patently at odds with yours and you know, or think you know, that yours is in the right. But what is right? Or what is wrong? Is not the beauty and the charm in our difference inspired by the very duality in which we are immersed?

Our conscience will, or should tell us what, according to our values sits on which side of the spinning coin. Ask yourself where you stand in the face of such opposing dilemmas that you may come up against many times in your day.

If like me you saw the contrary position immediately, it is so easy to condemn, reject or refute the others point of view with little thought. After all it is so obvious is it not? You may have friends like mine who in any discussion start every sentence with, ‘No, no …’ whether they disagree or not, or are you one of those who always see themselves as being in the right?

You may be right and I have been in relationships when my partners are invariably right in the context of their own appreciation of a condition or subject under discussion, but perhaps the subject is too narrow for them to see that right or wrong is not as cut and dried as it seems from their lofty perch of understanding.

OK so I have had a problem with authority as many of us do especially when that authority seems solely concerned with the letter rather than the spirit of the subject. I hope that my problem is easing as age allows me time to look before I leap and sound inside before I speak.

There is of course the opportunity to agree to disagree! And quite honestly this is often the best policy for a number of reasons. If you are so convinced of your own correctness the temptation, under the guise perhaps of ensuring that the other does not hurt themselves or you hurt them, that you try to press your point. The danger here is that in trying to go against them you are setting up resistance by pushing against their opinion. Effectively pushing against them, and you know that when you push you give power to that which you are pushing!

There is also the opportunity for time to bring both points of view to the very same conclusion, in which case any disagreement ceases to exist. Whether this is due to yours or their adjustment is of no consequence. It is as it is, has become and so it is.

Similarly you can always walk away from the confrontation before it occurs, thus avoiding any resistance and best of all allowing your own acceptance of what you want, because let’s face it what others want should be of no concern to you, only what you want is the overriding factor that will, in the long run, bring you the happiness that you seek.

So better to allow than to push, for what is what they want to you?
Concern yourself only with what you want, be content and be at peace where happiness begins.
Be content and Happy with Hanukah


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  1. eugene1492 says:

    Ho, my,my,my… how right you are. dear David.. I know a “certain” someone who always starts with : “No, no “, although he means otherwise, but as English is not his mother tongue maybe that’s where the “problem” is situated. Does that mean that we should show patience to those who speak a different language or should we avoid having “deep” conversations with them ?
    In fact, what do we look for when we present them our case ? Do we just want them to agree, or do we also hope to hear their point of view on the subject ?
    But you are right, we should not start a war when sharing is no longer possible. There are other ways to check whether we are right or wrong than to fall into the trap of a (not so) friendly discussion. I am sure you agree!!

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us.



    • Whatever you do keep talking … I would say the same to all in strife (Not that you are) round the world Locking then in their chambers until they could come up with sensible and loving solutions to differences. Love, David


  2. Wise words as always David, 🙂


  3. Brian says:

    Interesting reflection on wisdom. Thanks for sharing.


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