How much concentration would you say you use in your daily work?
At a guess I would say quite a bit eh? Let’s face it everything we do requires a deal of focus and concentration, without which we are apt to make a hash of things, and possibly ourselves included, in the process of losing it!

So with all that you give to your day-job-work and the stuff you do at home including your chores and hobbies how much concentration to you actually give to yourself? In fact how much time do you give, or are you able to give, in your busy life to you? Again I would hazard a guess at no more than 5% and probably more like 1% of your waking hours.

And if you are anything like me you will have a hard time looking within and focusing on the moment by moment activity of your waking consciousness and see exactly how your focus flits from one fact to another when it would pay you to look carefully at the actually process of the flitting and focusing that crosses the boundaries of time and space with such ease and impunity that you often wonder where you are when something jolts you back to the present moment! Does that sound familiar?

We are all gifted with consciousness and with it comes the ability to concentrate which we use to greater or lesser degree. The most difficult thing for most of us is to look within and see just exactly how much we use our concentration to control and use to our best advantage the inherent wisdom that is gifted to us.

Just how do you use your gifts? Do you really give it your all when faced with a challenge or do your allow your mind to roam the corridors of consciousness hoping that you will pick up a fragment of inspiration on the way or do you really focus on your challenge.

For me inspiration doesn’t work by just roaming around, it involves a concentrated focus to find the right resolution and this comes for me, most often in the twilight zone just before sleep, during HPT Meditation or just after waking. (The pad and pen are always handy) The converse may be true for you when with intense concentration on a particular problem your consciousness links with Universal Consciousness and the answer presents itself to you. Of course your Eureka Moment may come like Archimedes in the bath or in a noisy underground, tube or metro!

Whichever method works for you, and there are many others, the way you use your mind is the important method to hold on to and to use, practice and magnify to get the most out of your existence. The more you know how your mind works the better you become at living in the present moment. So long as you train your mind to focus on the present moments of well-being, health and happiness the more likely you are to follow the path of empathy, compassion and the well-being of others.

It is a strange dichotomy that once you get your own mind in order this transfer of concentration on the well-being of others brings with it a tremendous feeling of freedom. Your own challenges seem just to fade away and you begin to feel a growing surge of energy flowing from your heart to the hearts of others.

Knowing yourself brings with it these multiple and mystical bonuses. You see, before you probably felt too tired or concerned with your own problems to have any energy left to give to others but look what has happened here. Knowing yourself has given you more gifts than you ever thought possible but the best of course is the bonus of joy and happiness that helping and sharing with others brings.

I believe that training of the mind is the prerequisite to an ordered, healthy and happy life. Being an inveterate organiser I suppose I might have a head start on some with my work books, files and plans, but still I have to remember the training of the mind itself and I ask you please to follow me in allowing a bigger percentage of time for you. Find out how you work, recognise the gifts you have, love yourself and share that love through your open heart with the rest of the cosmic creation, remembering that the joyful reward is Happiness.
Me mindful of your Happiness with Hanukah


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4 Responses to EXAMINE the MIND

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Thank you again, David, for sharing with us the way your mind works, for it is very clear that no mind works the same way as that of his neighbours. I have problems focusing on one thing while my mind includes all that’s around me, and even further.I can already visualize what will happen if I do not take care immediately of a possible predicament whether imminent or future.
    I very seldom let my mind wander, and daydreaming without a real purpose is almost unknown to me.
    My greatest regret is that I am not always very punctilious on details and I have become famous as “the thumbnail man”. I love things around the house to look pretty but never ask me after their lasting life, for you might be in for a surprise.
    No doubt possible, I am an “on the spot” man while patience is not my forte., and my mind always works at a very high speed. Is that good, excellent or bad ? I don’t know, but it works for me and although I realize it may upset others, I have still not been able to modify this trend after all those years on this planet.
    Did I tell you that, luckily enough, a speedy mind can also find time to feel empathy and is equally concerned about the well-being of others.

    Much Love and Bright Light I wish you and the readers of your post.



  2. Maybe you brought something home to me with this post, as I have not been giving ME much time as I should. But I do spare some quality time each morning as I do my Qi-Gong exercises and breathe in the beginnings of a New day, although my routine has become shorter…. A timely reminder, thank you xox Sue


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