So, what if we were all happy and well, or well and happy – whichever comes first – a bit like the chicken and the egg, but of course in a state of acceptance and contentment of our condition we could be, shall we say, not in the best of health but at the same time happy, accepting how we are.

When we look around we see people so different from ourselves not living their lives as we would want to live and certainly not behaving towards each other as we would. As mentioned before this post, when we first moved here we found ourselves close to a village that had become almost a ghetto of expats whose daily gossip seemed to revolve around complaining, explained a little later. Needless to say we moved on!

They were complaining about everything, in varying degrees, but mostly about the medical profession here in Spain, like us most were retired and I guess thought they had every right to demand and then complain, where as we on the other hand found all the nurses, doctors and surgeons the kindest, most caring and cheerful people we had ever met. We even wrote letters of thanks to two hospitals for the care and treatment which we had received, the first even looked after us after an operation in the UK.

Why the difference? Could it be down to the reflection of our appreciation of them that came back to us in like manner to the way we treated them with respect, courtesy and good humour? My Granddad used to say, ‘Do as you would be done by!’ A maxim that has served me well.

So you are probably saying to yourself, ‘well so much for their well-being if they were in hospital all the time!’ Of course there are certain things that despite our feelings or levels of mind that pervade our sub and waking consciousness, bringing that wonderful feeling of happiness, there are certain conditions that need a certain amount of intervention by the men and women in white coats and green hats and coveralls!

So don’t look unkindly on those who could only find things to complain about for they too, like everyone else in the world, are only trying to find their way back to the Source. Not many, it is acknowledged, know their way and even fewer ask for directions and ignore those of us who are seen by some as signposts. And also like us despite all your efforts and good intentions you have the choice to move away!

We are all unique and in our individuality often find ourselves at cross roads after crossroads and have no idea which way to turn except by the toss of a coin that seems often to have two heads!

We say again there is no right or wrong way only a myriad of different ways and like the vortex of electrons spinning round a cyclotron always seem to bunch together just as those of like mind group together in clusters of unknowing but trying their best to find their way.

However, in any group there is a commonality and there can be a joint happiness, or unhappiness, in their instinctive endeavour, for rest assured they are behaving more like our remote ancestors, the sub-humans, or as we see now the birds, animals and the fish that move in flocks and shoals by group instinct.

Occasionally like in the cyclotron there is a magnetic force that attracts one or some of the electrons or protons from the circulating stream and in our case something will come into our consciousness that attracts us away from the common herd and in raising our view we see the signpost above the mist and fog of unknowing to guide us forward to where we can find the vortex of well-being.

When we see the destruction of civilisations descending into civil war we wonder if the individual exists at all when all are intent on a single goal at the expense of life itself where brute force, be it fire, rocks, rockets or chemical weapons seem to annihilate all hope of peace and happiness in Syria. Power it seems is all important and when you have waited 80 years for it, as in Egypt, to be yours and then have it taken away again acceptance is furthest from the mind, even if you can’t accept that you made a complete hash of the power you were voted. It seems the easiest ones to blame are those who worship in a wayward way. Is God to blame yet again? He is an easy target is He not? And the Coptic Christians are the nearest to condemn.

As I say however we may see the conflicts and the protagonists involved we need to understand that they too are trying to find their way. It might not be the way we would choose and we may count ourselves fortunate having relative peace and happiness in our lives, but we should share the blessings we receive with those who are in a desperate struggle right now, blessing each and every one of whatever faith that they will find their way before it is too late. Too late?

But we should be prepared for a greater loss of life before there is anything like peace. It is the human way where few will give way until most have lost their way completely and many will lose their life before the way will be found again.
Too late? Maybe it is indeed too late if not to save life, to save the planet! Then where is life?

Though it might not seem so, each of us is in control of ourselves. We each control our level of acceptance, resistance or denial and we can influence the direction of our own energy vortex that influences the feelings within us that bring our consciousness to the level of sadness or happiness. And what of the happiness of others? If there were only a 100th monkey effect of Happiness! Let us hope and pray for that as we find Peace.
May you all find and share Peace and Happiness with Hanukah


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4 Responses to VORTEX of WELL-BEING

  1. I totally agree with your here David, We are all of us responsible, all too often we blame and condemn .. There are no easy answers, and you are right ‘God’ gets blamed for everything, and yet man is so blinded by his actions he can not see he is growing further away from what our Creator is and that is LOVE, Its Man’s interpretations and judgements who rule and control using religion as a weapon for their ends…. So sad is the world in its systems as the innocent suffer while those in power verses the peoples anger and frustrations along with their despair…

    I do not like to voice my fears for manifesting them, But I see no easy way forward to the above conflicts you have mentioned, only more suffering..
    This is why we are being cleansed in so many ways as the earth cries out as it echo’s our own pain.

    Nature can be both beautiful and cruel, but it always finds it balance. I think nature still has much to teach us and she will ultimately bring back the balance to Earth, Now whether Mankind will still be part, well, thats in the Balance also!

    Great Posting my friend
    Enjoy your day
    Love and Light


    • Thank heaven at least you and I are on the same page Sue, please God others will find the time and place to read and realise. Love, David


      • David I too have just posted which became for one of my regular commentators she didn’t get, if you read through the comments on my Friday posting, God to some is a ‘Someone’ who judges and whos Will be done!…. They can not see it is Us who have been given Free Will and it is our choices which are bringing about such a world… ‘Sigh’ I pray too my friend, for adding our vibration to the consciousness is what is going to help heal and mend we can only pour out our Love and compassion and hope it drowns the hatred and anger….
        Thank you!


        • Almost as if we since childhood have been brain washed into a concept of God that is almost Alien in its appreciation and supposed control of the human race, but even that is not how we know Aliens would and have behaved towards us. As you say Sue we have a long way to go. Love, David


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