I should draw your attention to the many benefits of meditation which you will find under the category of HPT or Highly Precious Time here on Hanukah the Scribe.

I wonder if I have been sufficiently clear about the need for gratitude in all these posts. The listing of all that you are grateful for, on a daily basis, is one of the most beneficial acts that anyone can undertake. At the same time, try to school yourself into never complaining about anything! Why? Well, by complaining you set up the vibration of refusal or resistance which negates the beneficial acceptance and allowance of more of the good things that you really want to receive. Better by far to find something to appreciate!

In this day meditation is widespread and so many try to teach it, however, I believe that I cannot teach meditation I can only lead you, like a signpost along the way, to finding the point of mergence within yourself that many of us regard as the grail of meditation, the oldest of the experiential arts that can only be understood by personal practice.

When you meet someone not to your liking try to see them not as aggressive, ugly or with a scowl upon their face but just as a brother or sister having a hard day and see what you can do to bring a smile to their face beginning with a smile on yours. Of course it is also true that we often find others objectionable when it is something within ourselves that we need to change. When someone cuts you up on the road or turns without indication don’t be annoyed or frustrated think of them as your mum or dad doing their best, whether it’s a woman or a man driving! Did you never do this yourself in a momentary lack of concentration? Keeping your distance is a good start. You can be fined for tailgating in the UK now!

You see, when you slip into the old ways which we’ve all be guilty of at some time or another, all that you are doing is setting up resistance to anything positive happening for you. It does not affect the object of your displeasure but it sure affects the way you receive the positive vibes from the Universe, which let’s face it only tries to give you more of what it sees that you want. So make sure it sees the right message of need.

So do you want resistance or reception of the good stuff?
If you consistently set up resistance you are putting the out the wrong message.

Not me, nor anyone else for that matter, but Meditation itself is the thing that teaches you the art of ‘no thought’. When you stop thinking you stop putting up resistance and once you do that you start allowing, and you begin to attract the good things that you really want in your life. This is the only way that the Law of Attraction can work and start to bring you what you want, what you desire.

The practice of your HPT leads you along the way to putting up less resistance, appreciating more and more of this amazing life and also understanding along that path who and what you really are. In short knowing more of your Self and moving into the level of consciousness that can only be described as happiness!

Moral: Be grateful, stop thinking and start appreciating!
I appreciate you being there. With Love, Hanukah


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