It is said that the goal is not important, (except in soccer football!) it is the journey that is! That does not actually mean that the goal has no value for without it there would be no process or journey (or game). But seriously, the goal has to be the right kind of goal so that the journey provides the kind of experience to make us joyful, knowledgeable and wise.

If the wrong sort of goal then we could end up being sad, disenchanted and miserable. In our pursuit of happiness it is important therefore for us to be able to set ourselves the right sort of aims in order to give us joyful journeys. That is not to say that we will avoid our challenges on the way, but we will meet them in the same joyful spirit and see them for what they really are.

Taking a literal journey as an example: when planning and preparing to go on holiday, for me it was all part of the joy to look forward through all the stages of the process. You know, the selection of the destination, booking the tickets, packing of the cases, then when the moment came for the off, the drive or flight, the boat trip or train. Then, of course, the hotel and the whole experience of a different destination, culture, food, climate, customs and people, but mainly of course – no washing up!

I remember one of the Aunts who, every year, came to the island which was thirteen miles long and at its broadest two miles wide and surrounded by sand and ocean used to say, ‘I hate sand!’ We had a Sand Castle Contest, when we were all there, judged by her hubby Uncle Jim. Fantastic fun! But I wonder if, for her it was a goal given by others and not by her? Perhaps a sacrifice for the sake of others!

Well now I’m with her as I don’t exactly relish lying around in the sand anymore, though I admit I was a sun worshipper in the past, but now I do enjoy just walking barefoot on a beach, as my intimate connection with the Earth, doing a bit of beachcombing in the hopes of finding a piece of amber washed up from storms in the Baltics on the East coast, or some dreg of driftwood to inspire my next creation, but for now that’s it.

These days I would be far more interested in the people, their culture and hoping to bring a smile to their face through our connection, which for me was always one of my many sources of happiness as I tried to journey inland from an often crowded beach of similar sun worshippers.

I don’t know about you, I suppose being a home boy at heart, but having enjoyed my stay for one or two weeks, I always looked forward to coming back home so that the journey home was as joyful as the journey out to the holiday destination, and coming home, well, what can I say sheer happiness! You see the goal in each case was important for its provision of something else and in each day there could be many mini goals to provide the necessary pathways of experience.

Being present in the moment of each step on the path, with each breath we take is the only place where true happiness can be experienced. Beauty presents itself in every present moment and on your way to every goal you find the beauties of foreign faces, of cobbled causeways, magical music and much more if you only have ears to listen and eyes to see. Holiday photos are all very well and videos come close but there is nothing like the moment that no other medium can capture!
Happy Holidays with Love, Hanukah.


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