You might think strange titles under the Category of Days of Rage, but bear with me:

Many of our friends and acquaintances have either thrown out their TV sets or refuse now to watch the news due to its highly negative and destructive content. We on the other hand try to keep up to date with what is happening all over the world with many of the news stations and online news reporting. Feeling that it is our duty to be in a world which we try to understand, but at the same time not to become of the world!

The phrase ‘Days of Rage’ coined by one of our communicators a couple of years ago has seen itself exemplified across the globe due to many causes:
From police brutality, human rights abuses and uprisings against the despots and powers that be who still refuse to acknowledge the wishes of the people, and general discontent of the human condition in this rapidly changing world. It seems that the so called Arab Spring still has a long way to go where the necessary virtue of patience is blatantly missing from all sides in these initially peaceful demonstrations that have necessarily descended into chaos at the hands of the impatient and aggressive minorities, and now dissolving into civil war.

Apart from the disenchanted unemployed in the present crisis, in the rest of the world, who have been demonstrating not to say rioting against the establishment and coming up against a hard pressed police force trying to keep the peace, in as politically a correct way as possible which is proving an almost impossible task, there is the other side of unrest brought about by the confusion that religion has perpetrated.

The human race is in a religious rut. Each sect and cult believing that their way is the only way when they should be recognising and respecting the path that others have chosen as simply an alternative way to approach the Divine. The trouble is that even in the same mosque, temple or church the opinions in the minds of those attending are all different, they cannot agree even amongst themselves.

Unfortunately the simple act of respect for others is a long way off and in the interim the rut gets deeper to the point where it represents the trenches of the two World Wars as they dig themselves further into the mire of ignorance.

In the meantime that ignorance drives then further apart teaching the young to sacrifice themselves in the name of the very Divinity, of which if they only knew they are all a part, to kill anyone, even of the same faith, if they should revere the wrong saint, kneel in the wrong way or put a comma in a different place in the same prayer. Some have even rewritten the holy book and no matter how illogical expect others to subscribe to the same fairy story.

We are a diverse race, each of us is unique, so is it any wonder that we have differing views of Divinity, prayer and sacrifice? There is a core of truth in each faith, I only wish that it was the same core in each, perhaps we might then find some small thing in common. If only we could all recognise that we human beings of all colours and creeds are sacred beings, each with something so powerful inside us that makes us One. How many of us realise this?

Just imagine the JOY that we would all feel if we could all have this same understanding, that however we pray, whatever hymns, psalms or chants we sing are all in praise of the same Divinity of no name.

Can you imagine the feeling of that Divine Energy surging through every fibre of every cell in your being. This to me is the nearest thing to enlightenment of the race and the Joy that would bring to us would be like an explosion of Divine energy within us. Such happiness should be the goal of all and the killing and the dying left to natural causes. Is it too much to expect that eventually through peaceful dialogue Happiness will come?


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