Are you happy where you are? If not, have you considered that you might not be where you are meant to be?

I just watched a program on the life forms that manage to exist in the hot pools of Yellowstone National Park where temperatures can reach boiling point. In fact these life forms are of the bacterial and single cell kind that are very fussy as to where they like to live. So fussy in fact that temperatures varying by just a few degrees can predict the life forms that will exist there which are shown by their vivid colours, from green, yellow and red. You see they only show their colours when they are happy where they are!

Those that are green as you would expect rely on sunlight and photosynthesis to live and propagate whereas others live off the minerals in the waters, some of which are poisonous to other life forms, like us, such as hydrogen sulphate.

There are other forms such as deep sea worms that live around the undersea vents that can reach 400 degrees! Bacterias exist in colonies within the cup shaped opening of the worms, live off the minerals in the water that convert them to food for the worms. Now that’s what I call symbiosis!

OK, so enough of the natural history lesson, but it makes you wonder if this is in fact how life began, but as usual and no surprise that the scientific community is still out on the question whose answer may seem obvious to the rest of us.

So are you showing your true colours, are you happy where you are, or are you where you are at someone else’s behest, and not at the best temperature for you? When we recognise our prime directive ‘To Be Happy’ we must consider every facet of our existence to see whether we are giving ourselves a fair chance at happiness. We have in fact sussed out that the temperature where we are is definitely not the best for us!

Trouble is that the most powerful tool that we have to decide if we are in the right place is the very tool that we tend to clog up with so much stuff, we take no notice and just muddle along as if all in the garden is lovely, but what we should be doing is carrying out some essential maintenance on that super tool that is better than any sonic screwdriver the new Doctor Who might have!

Our own super, sonic screwdriver of which we speak is of course the mind! Do you ever sit down and wonder just what you are thinking about most of the time? Most of us if not currently, with some wicked wisdom, certainly in the past have spent tons of time paralysing our thinking with the past or fudging our thoughts about the imponderable future. Neither actually exist and the exercise does us no good at all except, as I say to clog the passageways of thought.

So let’s take one of my favourite pastimes, a walk in the woods. Which I’m sure you have shared at some time. Now, what did you think about the last time you went on your walk? I’ve used this journey as the venue for my walking meditation, but today I’d like you to cast your mind back or indeed go on another short walk if you can spare the time right now. So are you thinking about your next task or the one that went wrong yesterday or last week?

Did you miss the moment when the swans landed on the lake or the sound of the late cuckoo and did you hear her call has changed since the spring? Heading for the fall did you notice that some of the trees have already started to turn colour. Did you miss all this beauty as you strode with head down through the beech mast crunching your way through the future and the past, or was it just a case of exercise in the open air for you?

What were you thinking? Did you give yourself, your body a second thought? Did you breathe deeply to flood your body with life giving oxygen and thank every muscle, fibre and bone for enabling you to go on your walk in the first place? Probably not! But if you had I can tell you that together with noticing all that beauty you would have flooded your body with a different kind of energy that would have given you a great feeling of well being and happiness.

Why was that? Because you were living in the present moment! When you can focus your concentration in the moment, and you all have concentration which you use all the time, so use it not to dwell on the past or to worry about the future but to live in the present moment. Leaving the rest of the clutter in your mind to be dealt with in its proper place. Yes, you’ve guessed it, in the moment!

If you go to HPT you will learn more about Concentration and how HPT Meditation can help you to be in the moment.
Be Happy with Hanukah


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2 Responses to ARE YOU HAPPY?

  1. So very true David, we can miss out on so much if our minds are elsewhere, I love to walk in the woods and capture the moments with squirrels and watching the birds, listening to sounds even creaks in the branches as the wind blows through them….
    Happiness is where the heart is and we need to be happy with ourselves….
    Thank you my friend for these great words of wisdom,
    Love and Light


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