Most of us are certainly doers! When we are not doing we can be accused, or accuse ourselves, of being lazy so we work anything from 8 to 18 hours a day as slaves to ourselves or as slaves to others, especially if we are sold by our poor parents in India and elsewhere into a life of slavery!

For us, for the last ten years we have not had a holiday, although living where we do others might say we are on a perpetual holiday, but the fact is that we never stop working! So are we slaves to ourselves? I love to make things, a bit of a DIY freak, and with an engineering background try to mend anything that needs mending in the house, understanding that if it’s not broken don’t mend it! But as always I spend 95% in visualisation of the problem / opportunity and its remedy followed by 5% action.

There is no doubt in my mind that the time spent in HPT meditation is the most valuable and precious time of the day where remedies present themselves without even concentrating on the difficulty. When this happens, and it happens all the time the surge of … now what can I call it? Well if there was such a thing as a Happiness Hormone I would say it flooded through me bringing a wonderful feeling of joy throughout all of the 60 trillion cells of my body that has the effect of a light being switched on in my mind that then spreading again through the body.
It is definitely a Eureka moment! Can you imagine what that feels like? Perhaps you know all about it. I hope so.

A vision has just come to me of a cherry tree which we see occasionally in the season when it seems all of a sudden that it’s in bloom, like our almond trees, and the cherry blossom time is a profound and revered time when thousands come to see and record its beauty, especially in countries like Japan. But if we were to set up a time lapse camera to record the miracle second by second we would see that the blossoms do not appear together and all at once but they open one by one.

You are the cherry tree! And as each glimmer of understanding, knowledge and wisdom comes into your consciousness, each is like a cherry blossom opening, bringing with it another level of light and the Happiness Hormone begins to manifest in your waking consciousness flooding through you.

When you visualise what needs to be done you take away the stress of unknowing because you have been there before and sorted all the pitfalls in your mind and the path is then seen as easy, you are at peace and happy with the task that lies ahead.

Visualise yourself as the cherry tree, see yourself in full blossom, even if you do this for just a few minutes in your busy day you will find that your work, seen in visualisation beforehand, becomes easier and you become happy with the prospect, happy with the process and happy with the outcome.

In this way you are generating a new level of consciousness, seeing yourself in a new light where the way before you becomes clear, all is well, you are happy and you become more efficient in the work that you have to do. You see, Happiness is actually this new level of consciousness that you have created.

It has nothing to do with wealth which perhaps in the past you measured as the amount of money you had in the bank, but is now defined as your level of consciousness. Some say money helps. The problem is that our cultures encourage us to want more and more and not to be content with what we have.
Be content with what you have and be happy.
Happiness and Love, with Hanukah


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