So far we have concentrated more on the mental and spiritual side of finding out who you are. For a more everyday feel we find ourselves looking at the physical format that is our most familiar face.

We iterate: ‘Talking to your self is the beginning of wisdom!’
Why would you not make friends with your most familiar self, on which you rely so much?

Of course there is a connection already in place. How could there not be? However that connection is unconscious and since most believe that they are not the creators of their own reality it is in fact denied and successfully blocked according to the free will gift that we are blest with. Blest with? Well, it is the belief of most that they have nothing to do with their situation or their state of health.
How odd! Of course, it must be fate! Or maybe the stars you were born under? Not!

But in fact the inherent link is from your consciousness to the individual consciousnesses of each and every individual cell of the 60 trillion or so that go to make up your corporate self. When you begin consciously to connect with your body you become aware of how the way you are feeling in your head is affecting the way each of your cells is also feeling.

Are you happy or sad right now? You need to realise that the way you feel sends the same message on that happy or sad vibration to each cell. You are the master consciousness that every cell consciousness responds to!

Are you at peace celebrating the joy of life or are you so frustrated, angry and hateful of others that you are slipping into a self inflicted depression and negation of your own physical health? What do you think is the consequence of the latter vibration being received by the cells of your body?

It is said that the subconscious cannot speak but it can project how it feels through the body. Sounds and feels familiar?

Each of the systems within your body has a function whose state is related to your emotions, feelings and the way you relate to others. The most beneficial state for your systems to be in is in performing their true purpose in peace and harmony. All systems in the body rely on flow. Think just of the blood that carries nutrients to every cell enabling, for instance, those nutrients to be transmuted into the strength and power of muscles.

Now think for a moment about your wealth, your money which in its widest sense is energy. Hoarded and sitting in a bank it is static but working and moving back and forth emulates the prime action of the universe that is never still but in constant movement just as your body and its systems need to be. That includes not only the physical exercise to maintain your fitness but also the flow back and forth on a conscious level from your mind to your body and the energetic flow to and from your Chakras. Talk to your discomfort, but don’t imagine it is something that it is not!

Just concentrate and think about your mind for a moment or two. Are you closed down refusing to admit that learning never stops despite how many degrees you may have gained? You see, knowledge is just another form of energy, but maybe you think you know it all and refuse to listen to or consider advice – good or bad – for you to discern. What then happens to your systems if you close yourself to the world?

Just like a closed down Chakra system something is bound to suffer!
Most of the teachings associated with protection and closing down are based on fear, but they only encourage the same vibration to pervade every cell of your body and mind to your ultimate detriment and the fear that a closed system brings with it. In short you are denying your divine connection. When you begin to know yourself you will realise that your divine connection is secure, permanent and totally beneficial, so long as you allow it!

Well, I thought that we would concentrate more on the physical today but you can see how the spiritual and the physical are so closely connected that it is almost impossible to separate the two and why should we if the goal is to know ourselves completely? All you have to do is to allow your complete connection!
With Love, Hanukah


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