We are all blessed with gifts – some would appear to be given more than others to our superficial searching gaze that misses the hidden, the subtle and the spiritual. Gifts such as the listening ear, the compassionate heart that is only seen when the whole body acts or the silent prayer that moves at the speed of thought, faster than the speed of light, across the globe or out to the stars and through all the dimensions that surround us.

You may say that these gifts sound more like choices than gifts and you are partly right since it is your choice that allows you to use the gifts that are given. It is also your choice to ignore, block and deny them all.

I remember mum had a gift list, well two actually, one for the family and one for the business – the pub that she ran. Well, as I mentioned before, we don’t, we give as required regardless of time, season, or celebration to fulfil a need.

I count myself much blessed as I have been gifted with a seemingly endless list of affinities with many of the kingdoms that surround us and a similarly long list of physical talents, which could be grouped under the general heading of creation.

The greatest joy for me is to work closely with the nature kingdoms, working in harmony to create useful or artistic artefacts with the leftovers from Mother Nature and at the same time from industry that would otherwise be trashed, burnt or melted down.

Are you grateful for the gifts given to you? Or do you count them of little consequence, just part of you that you can use or not? For some the face of gratitude is foreign. They consider they have little to be grateful for, but you know, when I look back and although I say do not live in the past, it does help me to move forward in gratitude when I look back and see what has happened and where I have come from. How about you?

Like many I began by creating my list of things I was grateful for and I had a shoe box under the bed labelled my Bounty Box with all the things I was grateful for written on little slips of paper that soon filled the box. I now have a basket with similar slips with the names of all those Avatars, Masters, Angels and others who bring us the gifts of their messages of encouragement, help when opportunities that provide challenges which appear to be beyond us and of course their teachings, wisdom and blessings.

If you consider that those whom we call saints have been a gift to humanity and you get great comfort from praying through, despite the fact that they are probably by now returned to the Source, reincarnated or indeed working behind the scenes to aid the whole of mankind and extending their mission from their time on Earth and on into the Spirit world, your prayer will be heard. We on the other hand take a name from the basket and concentrate not once but for the whole week on that name in gratitude.

Many gifts are not seen as gifts at all but when you look closely at the Soul set-ups that are there for the growth of the Soul whether it is in the life of an Autistic or Downs child, or a life in the slums of Mumbai or a Brazilian favela, within them are opportunities for love to be shown in a smile, love to be given and received. The opportunities are not only for them but also for others around them as the gift expands into a wider and wider circle.

It is our quest to become conscious in the sacred moment of Now, to become aware of those who form part of our life and extend the Divine Gift of love and compassion to all whom we meet. Remember that no one is cursed, but we are all blessed in whatever situation we find ourselves.

My gift to you is in the word, but there are also hidden gifts for you to find between the words, become aware of and either accept or reject as is your own choice.
With Love, Hanukah


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