This, there is no doubt to me, is the time of discernment! We are given conflicting views of just about everything on a daily basis for us to discriminate between. Your conscience which guides you into making the right decisions in the discrimination between good and bad will help you in this never ending task that gets easier and easier the more you practice the art of good decision making.

In this world of illusion, deciding can become tricky if you are not cognisant of the way the mask is deliberately placed over the bad to make it look good. This happens on a mundane level on the simple goods you need to buy like food for instance, where you might like not to buy GM foods, or on a different level the kind of sites that seem alluring on the Internet but which may hide the viruses that can eat your software completely!

So there needs to be not only wakefulness and continuous alertness to these possibilities, but also mindfulness of your own inner workings to ensure that what you decide you want is truly what you need. All is not gold that glitters and certainly there are those who continually try to tempt you when the real brilliance lies in the opposite direction to attachment.

I inherited the gift of collection from my grandfather and although I have rid myself of his legacy of guns, swords and armour, when I look around at the stuff I have accumulated since then, the prospect of downsizing to a much smaller property is daunting to say the least. My beloved partner has a similar gift!

I will probably need to call on the expertise of my daughter who is a boot sale aficionado! The trouble is that the mansion we are used to managing and the semi we will likely sign up for, are worlds apart and the readjustments we need to make will be mega and that goes for all three of us! Which includes the cat who is used to roaming the hillsides all summer and comes home smelling of wild thyme and rosemary, bless him he too will have a lot to learn, feral when he found us and now very much an independent but loving member of the family!

Discrimination should not be confused with judgement. Do not judge others, only their actions driven by energies and powers we know nothing about. Your discrimination should be confined to taking the correct turn in your path that will lead you to true peace and happiness. Don’t forget that this path is yours by right and your discrimination with your conscience as your guide will lead you to the right way.

Don’t think that you have to spend time in an Ashram on the banks of the Ganges or disappear into the woods or mountains like the Ascetics of olden times, you need only be conscious of the judicious choices you need to make for yourself to follow your own path, aspiring constantly to elevate your consciousness to the highest level. You know what they say? ‘Be in the world but not of the world!’
Is Ascension any clearer?
Love, Hanukah


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