This keeps coming up at the moment, and rightly so I guess, due to the fact that mankind seems to have lost its way. We are finding more and more ways to suck the life out of the planet, while not understanding how successfully to manage life on Earth, but more importantly in my view not understanding ourselves either.

So as I say, here we are again with “Know thyself”.

If only our scientists would have spent more time considering our consciousness and finding out our true strengths and weaknesses. If only they had worked in their laboratories on the human persona and its often viewed miraculous gifts, but instead of confining a healer to an iron cage so as not to allow any interference, if only they had tried to communicate with her or him directly through the mind to find out what is really going on!

If only we had been born in the East, where the concept of reincarnation is accepted as the norm, whereas it is proving the most difficult thing to get across to those who have been brought up under the dogmatic umbrella that says this cannot be so because it is not written down. Not actually true, but you have to look hard to find it, and in the meantime the passages are never referred to by those who continually preach against such a notion.

But supposing we could all accept the fact that we have been here many times before and in the future we will most likely return again and again until there is nothing left to return to and then we will find another schoolroom to sign up to and no doubt plunder in some distant corner of the galaxy.

I hear a chorus of: ‘Why? Why would we do that?’
In the processes of getting to know yourself you will at some stage come to the fantastic realisation that you are ETERNAL!

What does that mean?
Well in comparison with the maybe thousands of lives you have already spent here on beautiful planet Earth, when you remember the diversity of life and look back with fondness at the sunrises, sunsets and rainbows, you have zillions of lives still to lead on almost as many planets of your choice.

How can that be?
What does Eternal mean to you?
Well it should bring to your little grey cells that you have it all before you!
It is said that the world is your oyster but in fact the Universe is your stage. Perhaps I should rephrase that: The Universe is the stage of your Soul that can take the part of any personality to play any life on any of the stages on any of the planets to gain any life experience it chooses.

I hope that broadens your concept of Eternity a little, which should enable you to see the potential that lies before you. When you can see the future like this surely you must accept that virtually nothing is done, it is all to do and therefore even for this one life, in this moment, when you mostly look back at what you have not completed with regret and self loathing, what you should really be doing is looking with the greatest anticipation into the Universe at what is still there for you to do and experience!

We repeat that you will never complete anything! So stop worrying and chastising yourself about what you have ‘left undone’ it’s all still out there waiting to attract you in one way or another both here on Earth and also out there in the vast potential of space.

Do you realise that if reincarnation were accepted as not only possible but a certainty, it opens up a whole new avenue of potential healing especially for children who are often born under the huge weight and trauma of the immediate past life?

But I digress. When you plan something you immediately start to find reasons why it’s not going to happen, mostly aimed at yourself. It may be something as desirable as a holiday but you, for sure, imagine all of the things that could go wrong to prevent it, instead of just looking forward with great anticipation to lying on that beach and sipping your favourite drink in the sun!

Why do you do that? Unfortunately we all do that! If we knew ourselves a bit better perhaps we could wean ourselves away from that nasty habit that only throws boulders in our path to anything we plan or desire.

You know what they say: the mark of a good servant is anticipation. The servant anticipates the needs of his master and knows what he needs before the master knows it himself! So who did you serve today and anticipate their need? Did you serve yourself well in the process and perhaps know yourself a little better?

Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate constantly! And don’t worry about the means.
With love and great anticipation, Hanukah


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3 Responses to The POWER of ANTICIPATION

  1. soulspeak2013 says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate.


  2. David, I so wish many others would see your way of thinking, having recollection of some of my past life experiences, and understanding Eternal. We also know everything is in perfect motion,
    Even though we appear on the surface to be in a mess here on Earth , The only thing that keeps me going is knowing ALL is as it should be. For we are ALL and everything at the same time, the past is in the present and the present is still to pass.. well something like that LOL… the Eternal NOW….
    Another enjoyable read..


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