On our pathway to Ascension we have in the past tended to imagine that the young have no part in the process, and certainly what can a new born baby know of it? Many believe that the intense and frantic fight to reach the top of the class, the corporate tree and a healthy fat pension leaves little room for anything else, so that only when maturity and retirement comes along do we have time for the finer things in the psychic stream. Ascension! What’s that?

Luckily there is a movement amongst some of the young who are wondering what the corporate ladder is all about and wondering if Jacob’s ladder could be more relevant to what they feel they need and want in the way of ascending in this life, when meditation begins to show them the way.

The very young, however, you may feel, have little to do with the Ascension process but the thing is that Ascension is not something new as it is synonymous with evolution, for we are evolving on many levels although it might not seem so when you look at the daily news. There is no doubt it is a gentle and drawn out process that relies on both individual and masse consciousness. It is easier to see the development of a child than to appreciate the evolution of mankind.

A child relies on the parents or carers for everything and begins its own growth of the body and the mind or Spirit, relying solely on what is provided in the way of food, warmth, caring and love. In this way it begins to develop a unique vibration all of its own. The way a child is treated sets up that vibration until its own feelings and wants can be expressed even before words can be spoken.

So you can perhaps see that a child is not left out of the Ascension process. It is intimately involved, more so than some adults since it has not set up the kind of blocks, stone walls and closed doors that we are prone to manufacture in our messed up minds.

You would be forgiven for imagining that a child could not participate in the Ascension process not being able to speak, but speech does not come into it because the Universe responds only to vibration.

Allowing a child to develop in its own way and at the same time trying to instil the rules and laws that we all have to conform to is the balancing act that any responsible parent has to manage in the huge task of bringing up a child, especially those gifted ones given the various names of Indigo, Star or Crystal children who have a heightened sense of spiritual wisdom and find it difficult to conform to manmade laws. Parents beware and treat with extreme care!

If you have had children of your own you will know that very early on a child exhibits preferences and likes or dislikes. Our own second daughter from the start would not take milk and to this day, 40 years on, does not take milk, butter or margarine. It seems she knew what she wanted from birth!

Vibration is everything since everything vibrates at unique frequencies and the frequencies set up in the mind of a child express how that child feels. Is it happy or is it sad? Is it loved or abused? Come the day when an enlightened Health Visitor can tune into the consciousness of a child and understand immediately how that child feels, and more importantly why!

The greatest travesty, that is perpetuated to this day, is the negation of anything psychic and yet this avenue of Universal Wisdom that is channelled directly to our minds would enable us more acutely to understand the minds and health of individuals immediately, if only we would allow that avenue to open instead of the individual and en masse rejection and closure of this access to beneficial wisdom.

You will know that the Universe reflects and sends back more of the same vibration that we send out. Now just imagine a child that is abused and the hurt and desperation that it feels without being able to communicate except that it learns very quickly not to cry as that incurs more of the same. What comes back to it, by the Law of Attraction, except more of the same?

Children are our future! We need to protect our future with love and compassion.
On the birth of the Prince of Cambridge 23.07.13 at 4.24 pm.
Love, Hanukah


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2 Responses to NEW BORN

  1. So agree with protecting and nurturing our children of the future.. I think that is why I nurture and teach all I can about nature as to what a 2 and a Half year old can absorb with my granddaughter.. We do indeed get back what we give out.. Would we but listen we would receive the greatest wisdom..We all vibrate.. and resonate within the frequencies we create… the law of attraction I so understand…


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