However much you love something, or someone for that matter, you cannot take them with you when you depart this life. To you it might be a lifetime attachment, however it should in fact be an attachment of the most transient kind, loved and left! This is the problem with emotional attachment. It is the attachment that binds, that holds you firmly to something or someone, so tightly that it becomes difficult for you to move without them, without their approval or at least consideration.

If you are restricted in this way where has your freedom gone?
You are constantly concerned about the security of your belongings and the responsibility and upkeep of your property and loved ones. You know, the least transient attachment should be your life, but even that should be lived as if there were no tomorrow. This is not to say that we should shelve our responsibilities but there is a lot we can do to rid ourselves of unnecessary attachments that only weigh us down. What if you are the one left behind?

There are also things that we cannot get out of, like paying tax and perhaps rent if we do not own our home and we need food to survive unless you are one of the rare Breatharians. Indigenous peoples believe that they do not own the land they have lived on for centuries and the reversal in cultures when the white man came to America was a shock to the Indian Nations, who were systematically driven from their ancestral homes by the greed of the settlers who then claimed the land for themselves.

If you are concerned about the security of your home do not have anything of value that would tempt anyone to rob you. If someone does manage to break in and take what you have, let them take it for they need it more than you do.

Imagine that you own nothing or what you do own is of little value. Immediately a weight is lifted from your shoulders and from your mind. Not many would be tempted to rob you if you have so little.

But many of us have jobs where we know the tenure is merely to look after those things that make our job possible. When we move to another position we leave those things behind, having cared for them and kept them in good order for the next caretaker.

The good book tells us that Almighty God gave mankind dominion over the Earth and good old man completely mistook the role offered, which should have been translated as caretaker, caring for all the flora and fauna, but instead we have persistently shot and killed animals to the point of extinction and polluted and depleted the planet which is fast running out of species and commodities, to the point where our own species will not be able to survive. Did you think that those slaughtered did not get the message, at the group soul level, that it was their fate to become extinct, thanks to mankind?

Extend this scenario to the ultimate as envisioned from the past by our North American brothers: We own nothing, everything we have we share for the greater good of the community. When we pass on we leave everything to the next caretaker. In fact far from the evil patenting of everything on the planet including ourselves and our own genes so that someone else owns us, we give up ownership only to be owned. Is someone then to make us extinct for their own ends?

If there is an owner of the planet and of mankind, certain companies would like it to be them, but of course it can only be the Creator and the Source of all there is, certainly not a man or a corporation, a government or a country. When you leave this world you have no choice but to give up everything without a struggle or complaint. Everything that you have cared for you should leave in the best possible state for those who come after you. Your reward is not in this transient life, but remember that you could return again, so what do you want to find when you come back for another try?

It is said that you can’t offer freedom to those who want neither choice nor free will. For this transient time you have free will, use it well!
With Love, Hanukah


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  1. a Quote “”We do not own the freshness of the air or the sparkle of the water. How can you buy them from us?” -Sealth…

    We come with nothing and go only with that which we have collected in our hearts… and that maybe our riches of love or bitterness of hate… The choice is ours… I know which I choose.

    A very insightful post David..
    Love and Light


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