Confession: Apart from bolstering the bank balance of the Grandchildren on a regular basis we have decided not to join the commercial monopoly of the festivals which we celebrate throughout the year including Birthday and Christmas. Even in that we try to make our own ways of decorating the home just to let others know what is going on in our hearts.

Gifts are given to supply a need and trivia are verboten!

Some would see this as a hard way to behave and yet it begs the questions, ‘when you give the gift what need are you fulfilling? Is it the need of the receiver or is it your need? Do you need to be seen as the great provider whether they want what you give or not? Is it you fulfilling the role of Parent, Grandparent or some other relative?’

When you look deeply at your motive, weighed against the multitude of say toys that most children in the West have these days, where is the motive for giving more of the same? Especially when others have no toys at all! Would it not be better to give to those others and let your children see that compassionate act in action?

Gifts come in many forms:
There is the supreme gift – the gift of Life.
The Present – to be alive in this moment.
The gift of Grace – given at birth.
The gift of Choice – your Freedom and Free Will, do you choose well?
The gift of Speech – do you speak softly or do you shout?
The gift of Hearing – you may be able to hear, but do you listen?
The gift of Seeing – you may see, but do you perceive?
The gift of Healing – given to all, but do you use it?

Each of the above can be expanded into other realms of the many bounties that are seen by mystics as the spiritual gifts. Many can only understand these other realms as being in the supernatural whereas in truth they are inherent in the physical make up of humankind, but only since the introduction of the gene that enabled the consciousness to move from instinctive to what we call Christ Consciousness. You might also ask, ’where is the dividing line between spiritual and physical?’ Well in my mind there is no division but it takes hard work and dedication to find the melding and the mergence of the two.

Some might say that I have left out the gift of Peace!
But that in our view is not a gift it is up to each individual and comes within the gift of choice. As we have mentioned in the past there are many steps on the pathway to Peace and each one brings the individual closer to being Peace. To bring Peace into the world each individual needs to become Peace first, there is no other way, it cannot be forced as that is not in the nature of Peace, it can only be chosen and allowed.

Once allowed we know that the Law of Attraction will bring more of the same to each and every individual that has made that choice. The choice of Peace.

With Love, Hanukah


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  1. You have a ‘Gift’ David of explaining things so well………. Truly a Gift to us all,


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