So why here in particular?
There is something which we call Divine Purpose, which is the projected pathway that best suits the desired Soul experience.

We have free will choice but the aspect of choice begins much earlier than our incarnation, our birth on Earth. Imagine for a moment that your Soul has had many lives and is now a store of experience and accumulated wisdom, but is lacking in one particular respect. The choice of the next life has to be made with the help of wise counsel which we can call the Higher Self.

The parents and family have to be chosen, the life style and environment must also come into the complex equation that would stretch the mental capacity of any mathematician. Why? Because this equation has to cover not just the one generation since the parents are able to chose the offspring just as the child to be is able to chose the parents, the family and the environment. All these variables need to come into that spiritual sum. The consciousness that convenes this equation is beyond our imagination never mind our contemplation. Just think it is the same as that which contemplated and constructed the cosmos, stars and all!

But back down to Earth, the plan is therefore set in motion before birth by the Soul which must then take a step back and watch. That’s right, the Soul becomes the passive witness to all that happens in that life and hands over the running, if you like, to the Spirit and the Body for the following and growing through thought, word and action.

Depending on the plan’s execution the Soul has more or less influence on the way everything adheres to the Plan or Divine design. Those who are brought up in a spiritual environment where meditation is part of the daily practice have a greater chance of the Soul being able to influence the daily choices.

In the HPT (Highly Precious Time) meditation there is the opportunity on a daily basis for the Trinity to come together in the most essential communication that outweighs any social media. The Trinity being the Soul, the Spirit and the Body!
Your Consciousness is the Spirit and you are the one who writes the conscious invitations to the daily meeting.

In those less fortunate lives the Spirit, with a will of its own, can chose a different pathway to the original Divine design. Often by the influence of the environment and peer pressure a life can veer off the rails and onto the verge full of weeds and thistles, to be poetic for a moment! But I’m sure you get the picture. When a life takes such a turn than the proposed path, at its conclusion, the Soul can be in sorrow that its plan was not followed, in the sure and certain understanding that a repeat performance will be necessary in order to gain the desired experience. A similar equation must be worked all over again.

Why ‘here in particular’ would seem to infer that where you are, is where you should remain. But not so, it is not a prison for the plan may have allowed for the fact that the chosen path was one to move to a different country or continent! You see how free will comes into its own and choices made by the Spirit may be just the ticket to a new destination according to the Divine design? However, what I would say is: do ensure that the ticket is valid and the visa current through your HPT Trinity meeting! You can do this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Just to be sure, you understand. However I do recommend a daily conversation.

Where are you? Are you happy where you are or is it time to pack your bags?
Ours are partly packed all we are waiting for is the ticket which we are conscious of and is in the process of production for we know our eventual destination! How about you?
With Love, Hanukah


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7 Responses to WHY HERE

  1. I often pondered upon why I chose the parents I did, I think My Dad I learnt a lot from, he connected always to nature my Mother maybe we needed to learn from each other…
    One thing I do know… I am pleased to be Here.. 🙂 upon this most wonderful Earth.


  2. Miro says:

    Great post


  3. Eric Alagan says:

    We share many beliefs, David – many overlaps 🙂


  4. cat says:

    Why am I here? Easy question … easy answer … I was made because my parents where put together via arranged marriage … 6 brothers and me came along … I escaped arranged marriage and left for Canada … met Clem .. had 3 kids … I’m here because I want to be here … for them … Love your articles, David … I know there is more to ponder about them , and I am … all the time … many tears … all the time … blessed be … friend … always, cat. (http://catsruledogsdroole.blogspot.com/)


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